How to donate to a food bank and make a difference today

While the world goes into lockdown, there are still lots of ways to help with the global fight against Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, including making food bank donations.

Many families now face an uncertain future as companies take a hit from a severe slow-down in business, with wages cut, or even stopped completely, causing financial hardship for many. The world’s elderly population are also left particularly vulnerable from the virus, with many facing complete social isolation. There is a higher death rate from the virus in the elderly, as well as those with certain conditions, making it imperative that they stay home and practice social distancing wherever possible. 

Organisations across the world are helping those most in need, providing money, assistance, and making food bank donations.  

Food banks the world over are now dealing with an unprecedented demand as people lose their income. Additionally, many children across the world rely on free or reduced-priced hot meals at school – often their only meal of the day. With many countries having to shut down schools, millions of children are at risk of going hungry. 

If you’re seeking information on how to donate to a food bank, here’s just a handful of worthy food bank organisations to donate to, all urgently seeking food bank donations today.

How to donate to a food bank 

Banco Alimentare – Italy

This foundation operates a network of food banks across Italy, a country that has been one of the worst-hit in the coronavirus outbreak. The foundation and its network of 21 regional food banks helps some of the country’s poorest, ensuring they have access to free food by recovering food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing to those most in need. To find out how to donate to this food bank, click here.

FESBAL – Spain

The Spanish Federation of Food Banks, known as FESBAL, is appealing for help to buy food for the most vulnerable members of society, offering a number of food bank donation packs, priced from €5. FESBAL currently works with 55 food banks spread across Spain, focused on recovering surplus food and redistributing it. To donate, click here.

Banque Alimentaire – France

The Banque Alimentaire operates a network of food banks across France and is ramping up their efforts to help those who find themselves in a precarious situation due to the outbreak of Covid-19. To discover how to donate to a food bank click here.

TAFEL – Germany

This non-profit organisation collects surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away and distributes it throughout the country to disadvantaged people. In the wake of the Covid-19 more than 120 food banks have shut their doors in Germany. The organisation is calling for solidarity and financial support to help those left behind. To find out more and make a food bank donation, click here

The Trussell Trust – UK

The Trussell Trust is a UK based organisation that operates a network of 1,200 food banks nationwide, providing emergency food and support to people in poverty. In the UK, more than 14 million people live in poverty, including 4.5 million children, almost all relying on food bank donations. In the year 2018-2019 the organisation saw a 19% increase, a figure that is likely to be exacerbated amidst the current crisis. To find out how to donate to this food bank, click here.

No Kid Hungry – America

Schools have been shut across the globe due to Covid-19. This American-based charity is rising to the challenge to ensure the millions of children across the US who have lost their free school meal due to the school shutdown don’t go hungry. Nearly 22 million children in the US rely on the meals they receive at school. By making a food bank donation to this charity, you can help to ensure that many of them continue to receive at least one free meal a day. To donate, click here.

Covid-19 has caused a world-wide lockdown on an unprecedented scale, leaving the world’s most vulnerable in society in need of help more than ever. Now is the time to act and make a food bank donation today. 

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