Why work with Relevance?

Relevance is a full-service digital marketing agency specialising in reaching the world’s wealthiest audiences. We understand your business has specific needs and know that discerning tastes require an extraordinary marketing approach. From impeccable website design to captivating storytelling and luxury branding, we offer a holistic and highly personalised approach to digital marketing. Our specialist markets include real estate, hospitality, private travel (yachts, jets and supercars), F&B, fashion and apparel, beauty, jewellery and accessories, and finance. Our luxury marketing agency targeting UHNWIs is based in Monaco, London and Miami, while our international presence enables us to offer comprehensive multilingual digital solutions on a global scale. With our tailor-made solutions, we use the power of digital platforms to captivate your target audience, drive engagement, and unlock opportunities that align seamlessly with your objectives.

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Our UHNWI targeting services include search engine optimisation, social media and influencer marketing, branding and design, media buying, content marketing, PR and targeted advertising. As part of Relevance’s unique holistic marketing approach, we also offer online reputation management, audience profiling, luxury brand photography and videography.

Case Studies

Although we specialise in the digital world, we understand the powerful nuance of word-of-mouth marketing too. Hear what our clients have to say and explore some of the work we have done on our case studies page.

Benefits of using a full-service marketing agency

Distinction is paramount in the highly competitive realm of luxury digital marketing. A marketing agency attuned to the intricacies of the UHNW landscape ensures that every marketing campaign demonstrates elegance, exclusivity, and sophistication. To solidify your business as an icon of luxury, it is essential that you partner with a marketing agency with an in-depth understanding of the affluent consumer’s mindset. 

Relevance is a leading full-service luxury digital marketing agency with in-depth, data-led knowledge on the UHNW audience, the platforms that they inhabit, and the latest luxury trends, ensuring your brand is positioned at the forefront of the industry. We do all of this while adhering to strict privacy and confidentiality measures to protect sensitive information because we know how important it is for our clients.

Our Expertise

As a luxury brand, you demand nothing but the best, and we are here to deliver precisely that. With over 15 years of expertise in luxury marketing and targeting UHNWIs, we have helped hundreds of international brands and e-commerce businesses, from small start-ups to global powerhouses. As one of the world’s leading luxury digital marketing agencies, our clients gain exclusive access to Relevance’s UHNW network and partnerships which help us access niche markets.


Our Team

Relevance has a dedicated team of industry experts, handpicked for their expertise in their respective fields and in-depth and current knowledge of marketing luxury brands. Our team combines cutting-edge technology with strategic creativity, resulting in campaigns that deliver a measurable return on investment. 

All our clients are assigned a dedicated client services team headed by an experienced account director with relevant industry expertise. The client services team is a central point of contact, coordinating work with Relevance’s in-house specialists.






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