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Our digital PR agency will put your company on the radar of all major UK/USA media houses. We reach out to relevant and influential journalists to get your brand in front of potential customers and key industry figures. Our PR team will help you find the right message, angle and target audience for each news release, crafting a captivating story that news networks won’t be able to resist picking up – especially considering our connections in every major press agency. Luxury brands are our speciality, with clients that range all the way from yachting to real estate.

Alongside traditional PR methods, Relevance also works to gain you quality backlinks from our portfolio of high domain authority blog publications. We do this by placing relevant, high-quality articles on these blogs, linking back to your website. This drives traffic to your site and helps your company rank higher on search engines.
Our ultimate aim is to bring more leads to your business. We achieve this through getting you the press and digital coverage your company deserves.

  • Tailored PR strategy

  • Dedicated, multilingual team

  • Widespread media connections

  • Brand awareness experts

  • Strong influencer network

  • Powerful backlinks

  • High-profile press events

  • Specialists in luxury

Traditional & digital PR agency

We are experts in both traditional and digital PR, and that’s what makes us different. We know how to write a press release that will be picked up by national, local and industry publications. Traditional PR is a fantastic way to organically boost your brand’s presence, and our dedicated team are constantly searching for the next opportunity to get your company in the press. As a digital PR agency, we also work behind the scenes to ensure your online presence is just as strong. Securing your quality backlinks from authoritative domains that are relevant to your brand, we will raise your position on Google. Our portfolio of over 500 high DA publications cover categories such as lifestyle, luxury, yachting, travel, finance, architecture, interior design and more.

Press events for every occasion

Whether it’s journalist trips to show off your latest luxury rental opportunity, a conference to announce a global exclusive or an open day to display a newly completed yacht, you can trust us to organise something that will capture the attention of every press agency. Luxury brands are best showcased in high-end publications such as Vogue and GQ, magazines which we have countless years of experience working with, alongside industry-appropriate media. Our PR team knows how to customise these events to get people talking positively about your brand.

Strong influencer network

Using influencers is now one of the most effective strategies to create brand awareness and increase the visibility of your company. As a digital PR agency, this is something we are well-equipped for. Our dedicated team has a network of over 200 local and international influencers in different categories (travel, yachting, lifestyle, luxury) who we can arrange to promote your brand. One way to do this is by sending an influencer on a press trip, from which they will share their experience on their social media networks and/or their blogs. Alternatively, some are happy to simply post about your brand in return for a monetary contribution. Whatever your goals and whoever your target audience, we will devise a dynamic influencer strategy to suit you.

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