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What is audience profiling?

Audience profiling is the process of building an audience of specific types of individual in order to discover which platforms they use, what content they consume, which people, bodies and brands influence them, their personality traits, purchase influences, socioeconomics and demographics.

At Relevance, we are highly skilled at deriving actionable insights from these data points and translating these into highly effective marketing strategies and campaigns based on your goals.

  • Data-Led Strategy

  • Audience Centric Marketing Strategy

  • Carefully crafted client personas

  • Irrefutable strategic process

  • Strategic stakeholder alignment

Why you should go through this process?

Audience profiling is an essential service for companies who wish to adopt an evidence-based, audience-centric marketing strategy. Such an approach can significantly reduce the cost of time and investment spent on discussing strategic disagreements between departments, internal and agency stakeholders, or following subjective executive board decisions that do not represent the audience’s genuine needs. By following this solid process, your strategy is underpinned by irrefutable facts based on real audience insights.

How does audience profiling work?

At Relevance, our objective is to identify and build your target audience in order to gather insightful strategic marketing data that can be implemented at every touchpoint. First, we identify your target audience profile using one of the processes below:

Layering audience attributes is the process of utilising public data such as bio keywords, job titles, personality markers, who they follow, who follows them, who they engage with, location, and more. Some examples of target audience profiles Relevance has created using this method include family offices, lawyers, highly paid medical practitioners, trustees and philanthropists. Your audience will be created bespoke to your needs.

Another way audience profiling can be done is through manual audience creation from publicly available data, such as shareholders, Heirs and Heiresses, or Superyacht owners. 

Finally, subject to legal compliance and a signed Data Processing Agreement, Relevance can data match to your clients.

After utilising one of the three methods, we will build your target audience profile in our profiling tool to discover their grouped attributes, online and social behaviour and purchasing habits. We will then interpret this aggregated data to create your UHNW marketing and creative strategy with actionable, achievable recommendations aligning with your goals and budget.

What audience profiling includes?

Depending on your goals, budget and your level of in-house expertise, we can deliver the following audience profiling packages. 

Bronze: Access to a data playground where we can explore audience segments and uncover their online habits, buying mindset, personality, media affinity, interests, influencers and brands, socioeconomics, and demographics. 

Silver: Our data analysts will analyse the data within the platform to extract the key actionable insights based on the noteworthy characteristics that make this audience unique. We will deliver this as a concise slide deck with our findings and recommendations on how and where to target the audience for maximum resonance and engagement.

Gold: Our strategists will take the data as a starting block, combine this with your goals, budget and objectives to develop your UHNW-facing marketing strategy, including recommendations for creative concepts, user journey, audience value proposition, marketing strategy and detailed targeting plans.

How can you use audience profiling?

There are several ways our audience profiling experts can implement the relevant data found. 

Firstly, the strategy and target audience profile insights can create an evidential, insight-based marketing strategy that helps to align large teams and agency ecosystems. 

By replicating the selection criteria verified during the audience identification phase, we can build addressable audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google Display targeting. Where consent for personalised advertising is provided, our specialists can link the audience to a Twitter ads account.

Finally, using the optional DSP integration feature, we can connect the segment to an addressable audience with a DSP such as The Trade Desk, Google DV360, Avocet and more.

How it will benefit your marketing strategy?

Our audience profiling process ensures that your marketing strategy is developed exactly for the audience it is intended for – the better you know your audience, the better your marketing and content can resonate with them. All of your subsequent activities will be more precisely aligned with your audience’s preferences, personality, purchase influences, platforms and partners so that your branding, social media, seo, content, media and ppc will be more effective, more pioneering and have a greater ROI.

At Relevance, we understand that it is critical for your business to adopt an evidence-based, audience-centric marketing strategy. Our specialists will work closely with you to define your target audience profile, deriving actionable insights that translate into powerful marketing strategies that deliver maximum resonance and engagement. If you would like to learn more about our audience profiling service or require our expertise in digital marketing, please get in touch with Relevance today.

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