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Relevance Assurance - Digital Asset Protection

In the realm where luxury meets digital prowess, Relevance unveils – Relevance Assurance. Crafted to safeguard the digital eminence of elite brands, this service package encompasses a suite of services meticulously designed to fortify online presence and cover any digital eventualities. With a focus on proactive measures and responsive solutions, Relevance ensures that brands remain shielded from potential threats and challenges that may compromise their digital standing and have a team you can rely on  – on call 18 hours per day.


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Discover the comprehensive suite of Relevance Assurance Services designed to protect your digital assets and fortify your digital presence.

Basic SEO

As the cornerstone of online visibility, basic SEO services form an integral part of Relevance Protection. From visibility alerts to technical SEO suggestions, our experts ensure that brands maintain a prominent position in search engine results, catering to the discerning tastes of HNWI and UHNWI clientele.

PR Mentions Monitoring

 In the realm of luxury branding, reputation is paramount. Relevance acts as a vigilant sentinel, continuously monitoring digital channels for any organic brand mentions or relevant industry discussions. Our dedicated team keeps a watchful eye on online conversations, ensuring that brands remain informed of their digital footprint and can swiftly respond to any emerging narratives. By staying attuned to the pulse of online discourse, Relevance empowers brands to maintain a proactive stance in managing their digital reputation and fostering positive brand perceptions within their target audience.

Website Audit and Reporting

In the digital realm, maintaining a flawless online presence is paramount. Relevance offers a comprehensive monthly website audit and reporting service, ensuring that brands’ digital assets remain in peak condition at all times. Our meticulous audits delve deep into every aspect of website performance, from functionality and user experience to SEO compliance and security protocols. Following each audit, brands receive detailed reports outlining key findings, actionable insights, and recommendations for optimization. By proactively addressing any issues and staying ahead of potential challenges, brands can rest assured that their online presence reflects the highest standards of excellence, reinforcing their reputation and credibility within the luxury market.

Competitor Landscape Mapping for Social Media

Understanding the competitive landscape is essential for strategic success in the digital arena. Relevance goes beyond conventional social media advisory services by conducting in-depth competitor landscape mapping. Our experts meticulously analyze competitors’ social media strategies, content themes, engagement tactics, and audience demographics to identify opportunities and gaps. By gaining insights into competitor activities and industry trends, brands can refine their social media approach, differentiate themselves effectively, and position themselves as leaders in the luxury space. With Relevance’s competitor landscape mapping, brands gain a competitive edge and unlock new avenues for growth and engagement on social media platforms.

Reputation Monitoring

Building and safeguarding reputation is fundamental in the luxury sector. Relevance employs advanced reputation monitoring tools to track brand sentiment and online mentions across various platforms. By staying vigilant to brand perception trends, we empower brands to address any emerging issues promptly and proactively shape their online narrative. Our reputation monitoring services offer invaluable insights into consumer sentiment, allowing brands to cultivate trust and maintain their esteemed status within the luxury market.

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Training Sessions and Digital Marketing Issue Consultation

At Relevance, we offer a holistic approach to addressing digital marketing challenges. Brands can rely on us not only for consultation on issues but also for immersive training sessions aimed at empowering their marketing teams. Our seasoned consultants provide tailored guidance and support, offering practical solutions to common Digital Marketing hurdles. From refining marketing strategies to optimizing campaign performance, our training sessions equip marketing teams with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of digital marketing with confidence. With Relevance’s comprehensive approach to training and consultation, brands can ensure their marketing efforts remain effective and aligned with their strategic objectives.


To further reinforce digital fortification, Relevance offers Relevance Assurance, a premium offering designed to provide comprehensive protection against unforeseen digital threats. Brands gain access to an elite suite of services aimed at safeguarding their digital reputation and ensuring uninterrupted online presence. Relevance Assurance, brands gain access to a full team of digital experts on tap, ensuring swift response and resolution to any unforeseen digital threats or challenges. Our network extends globally, allowing us to assemble an elite team of consultants available 18 hours a day for any unforeseen situations and a council of gurus for any advice as it comes up. Any extra work needed can be swiftly priced and executed without the need to seek out and establish trust with a new agency unfamiliar with your brand.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Relevance stands as the trusted guardian of luxury brands, offering assurance, protection, and peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem. With Relevance Assurance, brands can navigate the digital realm with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their online eminence remains safeguarded by the industry’s foremost experts.



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