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Programmatic Advertising and Direct Media Buys

Programmatic Advertising and Direct Media Buys

Your SEO is on point. You’ve implemented paid search to get yourself in front of internet users who are searching for your services. You even have a fantastic social media strategy in place to get your message in front of potential customers whilst they browse their social media feeds. So why would you need another way to reach your target audience? Well – what if you wanted to greatly increase your reach and advertise on alternative sites and publications that we could guarantee your target audience was engaging with? That’s where programmatic advertising and direct media buying comes in. 

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What is media buying, and what is programmatic? Direct media buying is the buying of ad space that is not available through traditional display platforms such as Google’s ‘Google Display Network’ (GDN) – which sits within the Google Ads platform, direct buys allow you to guarantee your place on premium websites and in their most prominent advert placements. Programmatic advertising is a method in which you can buy these premium spots – albeit, without the guarantee of impressions you get from a direct buy. However, programmatic allows you to buy these slots in an automated way as well as allowing you to combine this site targeting with granular audience targeting so you only buy ad space when it is been viewed by someone who matches your predefined targeting persona. Thus, creating a far-reaching yet highly targeted campaign whilst minimising wastage. 

Buying media direct, is typically associated with premium publishers and can often carry higher CPMs than some other channels. However, buying programmatically, via a DSP (Demand Side Platform) can make buying these placements significantly better value. Historically a major barrier to accessing a DSP for the majority of advertisers has been huge minimum spend requirements (~£100k/ month), but thanks to partnerships with media owners, Relevance are able to offer this service to any client – regardless of budget. The ability to target high-calibre websites and choose exactly how and where your ads appear is very appealing for advertisers, as it takes away a lot of the guesswork. At Relevance, we are experts in the art of targeting niche luxury audiences, with an extensive database of placements that are the right fit for different consumers.

How Do Programmatic Advertising Campaigns Work?


There are a number of ways to buy media programmatically. You can buy deals direct from a publisher network via a PMP (private marketplace). You can create whitelists (or blacklists) so you can still choose to target multiple, specific sites/ publishers/ networks/ apps. Or, you can just target one or more ad exchanges and focus on the audience you are reaching rather than the sites.

The DSP we use allows us to create campaigns in any of the above-mentioned ways whilst being able to overlay this with a number of different targeting options, from geographic location, to device information (make/ model/ OS/ browser/ ISP even connection speed) amongst a range of other targeting options.

In a DSP, you can specify your date range (or ‘flight dates’) and the number of impressions you are aiming to purchase. Once the creatives are picked and the order is placed you are ready to go. For some larger campaigns, particularly for direct buys it is advisable to use an ad server to host your creatives banners, as this allows the advertiser to remain in control of how their brand is being represented. Once this is done and you’ve generated your advertising tags and sorted any tracking pixels/links, the banners will need to go through an audit process to ensure they meet advertising standards and technical requirements. Once approved the campaign will run for the allocated flight times. That’s programmatic advertising explained in a nutshell. 

Let Relevance do Programmatic Advertising for You


Sounding like a lot of work? Relevance’s digital advertising team are experts in programmatic advertising and direct media buying, and would love to work with you to reach your exact audience, ultimately getting the results you want from platforms your brand wouldn’t otherwise reach.

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