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Social Media Management

Social media is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous – a constant presence in people’s lives – and this means that it should be a very important part of your digital strategy.

Social media is your most immediate connection with your customers, and one of the most engaging ways of bringing new customers into the fold. With Relevance’s accumulated years of expertise of community building, influencer and genuinfluencer marketing, content creation and campaign planning, your social media channels will come alive. We work across all social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Clubhouse and more.

We are Relevance. We are your social media agency.

  • Cutting-edge software

  • Full content team

  • Creative campaign planning


  • Clear sign off processes


Your community in safe hands

Building a social media community can be hard. With your brand in our capable hands, we will create a social media strategy which works perfectly for you. Our social media management approach will determine the when, how, what and why of your social media channels, curating the perfect feed to delight your fans and entice new followers. We will build your community, through a wide variety of tactics and expertise, into the foundation of your brand, the shopfront you need on every key social media platform.

Creativity and inspiration

Your social media is more than simply posting a tweet a day. It requires creative thinking, innovative campaign planning and true inspiration. Our team of digital experts, account managers and content creators will take your brand and elevate it through the use of photography, video, text, interactivity and cutting-edge use of social media channel functionality. With these techniques pulled together, our campaigns deliver engaging content and results for your brand.

Win friends and influence people

If your brand needs elevating above the pack, look no further than Relevance’s network of influencers and genuinfluencers, handpicked from the world of luxury social media to represent you and your brand.

Influencers allow potential clients to discover your brand or products in a way that feels natural to them, fostering a more trusted connection. Whether you want an influencer to attend your key events, experience what you have to offer or simply endorse your name, we have the connections to get you in front of exactly the right HNW or UHNW audience.

Meanwhile, if your brand has knowledge or insight that it wishes to share, our new generation of genuinfluencers are perfect for delivering your message. Typically, these social media personalities are more interested in spreading ideas than promoting products. Genuinfluencers provide honest advice and only partner with brands that align with their values, making them highly trusted by their followers.

As a social media agency for luxury brands, we will match you with the very best people to give your social media presence the reach you deserve.

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