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Social Media Management

Social media is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous – a constant presence in people’s lives – and it should be a very important part of your digital strategy.

Social media is the most immediate connection luxury brands have with their customers and one of the most engaging ways of bringing new customers into the fold. With Relevance’s accumulated years of expertise in community building, influencer and genuinfluencers marketing, content creation, and campaign planning, your social media channels will come alive. We also specialise in social media transformations, integrating social media across all aspects of your business. 

  • data-driven approach to form social media strategies
  • high-quality social media content production
  • full content team
  • creative campaign planning
  • B2B influencer and genuinfluencer network for HNW, VHNW, and UHNW targeting
  • Community building and management
  • specialised in content repurposing
  • understanding of various luxury markets worldwide
  • cutting-edge software

Every brand needs a polished social media strategy

  • Data-driven approach to form social media strategies

  • B2B influencer and genuinfluencer network for HNW, VHNW, and UHNW targeting

  • High-quality social media content production

  • Full content team

  • Creative campaign planning

  • Understanding of various luxury markets worldwide

  • Community building and management

  • Specialised in content repurposing

  • Cutting-edge software

Our luxury social media and influencer marketing services

Relevances’ luxury social media services are uniquely designed for high-end brands, individuals, or businesses aiming to maintain a prestigious, exclusive, and sophisticated image online. Each service will be tailored to align with your brand’s vision and target audience.

Social Media Strategy

We create a social media strategy that reflects your luxury brand’s unique positioning, values, and aesthetics. As part of our strategic brand positioning, our social media marketing experts will identify the most effective social media platforms for your brand’s audience and optimise profiles to maintain a cohesive and luxurious brand image across all platforms.

Strategic brand positioning

Relevance’s team of specialists will curate and create content that resonates with your brand values and ethos and your audience – their lifestyle and aspirations. By conducting thorough market research, we can identify competitors, audience preferences, trends, and gaps in the market. This information informs the strategy to position your brand effectively against competitors. 

Content curation and creation

With an in-house content marketing team, luxury brand photography and videography, Relevance can develop high-quality, visually stunning content that reflects luxury and sophistication. This includes professional graphics/infographics, photography and videography, and social media reels that highlight the brand’s exclusivity and elegance. We pay special attention to content repurposing, allowing your content to work harder for you. 

Engagement and community building

We aim to foster meaningful interactions with your target audience by engaging in conversations, responding to queries, and creating a sense of exclusivity and belonging within your brand’s community.

Influencer partnerships

Relevance can collaborate with influencers on your behalf. We select individuals who align with your business values and target audience and leverage their reach to amplify your brand’s presence among luxury consumers. By using data and analytics, we can monitor important metrics on your chosen platforms, such as engagement metrics (likes, shares and comments), impressions and click-through rates (for targeted social ads).

Social advertising campaigns

As a 360 marketing agency, we can strategise and execute social advertising campaigns that target Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals (UHNWIs) or specific luxury demographics. We are adept at customer acquisition, and with our expertise in audience targeting, we place you directly in front of your potential customers. This ensures maximum impact and return on investment.

Our social media management process

As part of the first phase of our social media management service, Relevance will set up a social media strategy with you and your team. We then create the social media accounts we agreed upon or optimise the existing ones. We conduct a thorough social media audit to assess the current state of your social media presence and identify any problem areas. If needed, a social media strategy can be created and will be based on our findings, your unique objectives and brand values. We can also provide community management, community building and influencer marketing strategies with your short and long-term goals in mind. 


Our luxury social media management approach

Building a social media community can be hard. With your brand in our capable hands, we will create a social media strategy that works perfectly for you. Our social media management approach will determine the when, how, what and why of your social media channels, curating the perfect feed to delight your audience and entice new followers. We will build your community, through a wide variety of tactics and expertise, into the foundation of your brand, the shopfront you need on every key social media platform.

Your social media is more than simply posting regularly. It requires creative thinking, innovative campaign planning and true inspiration. Our team of social media experts and content creators will take your brand and elevate it through the use of photography, video, text, interactivity and cutting-edge use of social media channel functionality. With these techniques pulled together, our campaigns deliver engaging content and results for your brand.


Our approach to influencer marketing

If your brand needs elevating, look no further than Relevance’s network of B2B influencers and genuinfluencers, handpicked from the world of luxury social media, to represent you and your brand. We begin by crafting an influencer marketing strategy that aligns with your brand, values and objectives. 

Influencers allow potential clients to discover your brand or products in a way that feels natural to them, fostering a more trusted connection. Whether you want an influencer to attend your key events, experience what you have to offer or simply endorse your name, we have the connections to get you in front of exactly the right HNW or UHNW audience.

We believe that luxury brands should avoid using mass social media influencers in their luxury marketing strategies as they are considered fake, one-dimensional pretenders. UHNWIs are only influenced by other truly successful people and prefer to see content from B2B influencers and genuinfluencers.

B2B influencers are business-oriented affluent individuals who tend to be chosen by luxury brands as they are in the same cohort as UHNWIs. Genuinfluencers are individuals who focus on integrity, sustainability and moral values, which is also very interesting for luxury brands considering the increase of these standards in the past few years.

Nowadays, you need to choose the perfect influencers, the ones who only partner with brands that align with their values, making them highly trusted by their followers and will help you to deliver your message.

As a social media agency for luxury brands, we will match you with the very best influencers to give your social media presence the reach you deserve.



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