Get to know Relevance: Meet our company president and founder Rumble Romagnoli

Tell us about yourself

I am the company founder of Relevance – I founded the digital agency in 2007. It used to be an SEO agency and is now a full service digital agency that I am really passionate about. I really love business, especially helping companies with their growth. I work with such an exciting portfolio of clients, and helping them to grow in measurable ways gives me immense satisfaction. In addition, there is nothing I find more rewarding than seeing the smile on people’s faces when we add value to their offering.

What is the role of a President in an agency?

My role within Relevance is to oversee the vision of the agency – both now and in the future. I also track the agency’s growth to ensure we grow sustainably. Additionally, I work as one of the lead luxury brand marketing digital consultants at Relevance, working closely with the SEO team. Finally, I help with tenders and ensure we get some of the most exciting client deals over the line, helping to secure the agency’s long-term success.

Now that you are the President, how has your involvement with Relevance changed?

I am still very focused day-to-day directly on client accounts, advising on their digital and luxury brand marketing campaigns. I am less involved with the administration of running the agency. This allows me to free up more time to connect directly with clients, their campaigns, our specialist teams, business development and marketing, and finance. The hiring of our new CEO, Ned Quekett, gives me more time to be productive.

What are you most proud of regarding the company?

The past two years have been very turbulent. Yet, our agency has consistently delivered digital marketing campaigns to our clients despite the world turning upside down. All our people’s livelihoods were safe, and we made zero cuts throughout the pandemic. We even grew and have acquired Brand Spanking – a creative agency based in London, UK, which is headed up by our creative director, Frances Martin-Isaacs – to add additional branding and design resources to our offering. I am proud of our team; everyone works exceptionally hard with the greatest respect for each other, our partners, and our clients.

What is the company culture and company values you want to inspire in your team?

Responsibility. We manage the digital marketing strategy and campaigns of multiple client businesses. Our team works on these businesses as if they were their own. With great power comes great responsibility. 

Why are company values important?

If you don’t have values, you have no character and no edge. The team at Relevance has values that set it apart from the competition and make us an attractive place to work. In all the businesses I have been involved in, I have never seen such a connected team.

How does the structure of the agency ensure good communication between staff and the senior management team? 

Our structure is very flat. We are all part of one team or one family. You will have the leadership team on the floor with the junior staff brainstorming on business initiatives and getting the job done. The designers work closely with the SEOs, and the social teams work with the advertisers. It is fluid, connected, and considered. Everyone can have an opinion on how the agency should be run and come up with ideas for our client campaigns.

Is there anything you are working to improve at Relevance?

The shift to working from home is huge. Everybody thinks things just happen. We have spent time and resources trying to make it work for our clients and be as productive as possible to make sure we add value to our clients. I constantly work to make sure my people and our clients are happy and produce great results.

What are the short, mid and long-term strategic directions for the agency?

Our only strategy is to be the go-to digital agency for companies looking to target Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals. We are continually building and developing our network, partners, and know-how around serving our clients as best we can. We need to make sure we have the best data possible regarding the profiling of the wealthiest to provide the most targeted luxury brand marketing campaigns possible. And, by doing the best work, we ensure we deliver the very best results. Results are at the heart of everything we do as an agency.

What are the benefits of taking risks in business? Is it the key to success?

Great question. Business is a risk, but risks must be calculated. For risks to be calculated and considered, you must take your time and have the best people in your team to guide you.

What has been your biggest challenge since you created Relevance?

The biggest challenge for all businesses is getting the best talent and keeping them happy. If you can do that, you will usually have a very successful business. In digital, our daily challenge is keeping up to date with the future of digital marketing and the constant developments in the industry. Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, Reuters are all platforms that develop constantly, and we have to be ready to inform our clients as developments come in.

Why do you think Relevance excels at digital luxury brand marketing?

We believe in our niche. It is not necessarily luxury marketing; it is digital marketing targeting UHNWIs to buy high-value goods and services. The key here is not to go too broad and instead to use our experience and know-how. All our clients can have the same customers, so our job is to profile those customers and feed them with the content best suited to them.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our company President. Stay tuned for our next interview with Relevance’s sales and marketing director, Laura Lelasseux.

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