Digital Marketing Internship: Three Interns’ Experiences At Relevance

Relevance has been running its digital marketing internship programme for several years now, and each year it is a joy to have these enthusiastic new faces join our team. Our Monaco internships focus on developing skills across the board, rotating between departments to allow for the full agency experience. We aim to teach each intern everything they need to become a fully fledged digital professional, and we often hire directly from this programme. We hope that each participant feels challenged while also thoroughly enjoying their time here, so we spoke to our interns to better understand their experience at Relevance. 

Here’s what three members of our digital marketing internship have to say…


I started my university studies with a Bachelor in Business Administration at the International University of Monaco (IUM), through which I was able to experience several internships in sectors such as Real Estate, Events and Yachting, as well as an exchange program to study abroad in a university in London.

After moving to Monaco, I focused on exploring the luxury market and decided to finish my studies with a Master’s in Luxury Brand Management with a Yachting specialism at IUM.

After university, while looking for a Monaco internship within the luxury sector which could help me develop experience and knowledge around this fascinating market, I discovered Relevance, an award-winning luxury digital marketing agency specialising in targeting Ultra & High Net Worth Individuals. 

After many rounds of interviews, I was chosen for the digital marketing internship program, which I undertook for six months before joining Relevance full-time as an SEO digital consultant. The Relevance team recognised what I wanted to learn and taught me so many useful and interesting concepts. My six months as an intern were very important for me, allowing me to work for a dynamic and fast-paced international company. I have been able to work and deal with specialists in various digital fields, from whom I have been able to learn several skills. 

In my opinion, what brings the most value to Relevance is the people; a team of experienced professionals who work in total unity under the supervision of the management team. Thanks to Relevance’s expert team I was able to learn how to run a website audit and understand what need to be improved, how SEO and PPC campaigns work, and other fundamentals of digital marketing,

Now, I understand how the digital world works, and I try to always consume new information to stay up to date with digital advances. 

I’m really glad that Rumble Romagnoli (Relevance’s President) decided to be my supervisor and let me work directly with him on his team. He helped me during my training, teaching me various strategies and tools to use, he supported me with his experience and knowledge, and he trusted me from the beginning.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. During my studies, I started my own business (e-commerce) while also working in digital marketing at a luxury car company in Luxembourg for three years. I then decided to continue my education by studying International Management at IUM, allowing me to develop my knowledge and acquire new skills in management.  My studies, hobbies and professional path allowed me to think outside the box and develop creativity.

I had other Monaco internship offers and chose Relevance for its strong image of ethics and positive working environment! At Relevance we  are passionate goal-setters – fusing creativity, strategy and analytics. Being creative and thoughtful while also working in a luxury digital agency enables us to create inspiring and exclusive projects. What I love about Relevance is that we feel like part of a team, working for one main goal and getting things done to an excellent standard. 

I see the opportunity of working at Relevance as a great milestone in my career. Being surrounded by like-minded people who are driven to succeed in their job is highly motivating. I was grateful to work with an amazing team of designers, developers, PRs, writers, and managers, all with different backgrounds, and it was so interesting to collaborate with them on projects. During my digital marketing internship at Relevance, I was surprised by how much I could learn every day, and from so many different colleagues. From PR, branding, digital advertising and content marketing to website design, CRM and SEO, there was always something new to learn and that’s what kept every day exciting. Working in an environment like Relevance reminded me how greatly important digital communication is. There are so many ways to get compelling ideas across and that’s the beauty of digital marketing!


One of my biggest dreams has always been to become part of the luxury world. I studied International Business and graduated from University of Westminster in London. After my Bachelor’s degree, I was feeling a bit unsure of what I wanted to do and what I was good at, so I decided to finally pursue my passion for luxury and to enrich my knowledge in the field, by enrolling for a Master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management at IUM. During the academic year, my love for Monaco grew enormously and I was really looking for an opportunity to stay in the Principality. Unfortunately, the pandemic arose and we had to continue studying online, which limited my options.

My first introduction to Relevance was during the second semester of my studies, when I had Digital Strategy as a subject and the professor leading the course was Rumble Romagnoli. Relevance is a luxury digital marketing agency specialising in targeting Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals – pioneers in digital and experts and luxury.  

As we all know, digital marketing has become extremely important. The majority of businesses are going through a digital transformation and most luxury goods purchases are highly influenced by what customers see and hear online. Having all this in mind, I took the decision to pursue an internship within the luxury digital industry and I thought Relevance will be the perfect fit for me.

During my digital marketing internship, I had the opportunity to go through each department in order to understand the basics and to grow my competence. I am confident that I received excellent training within the different departments, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to focus on PR and to work closely with my mentor Muriel Penoty (PR Director), who is very experienced and a huge inspiration for me. I learned how to optimise websites in search engine results to help them appear above the competition, how to build a successful digital strategy by combining SEO, Digital PR and Social Media Advertising, and so much more.

Another very important advantage of Relevance is the amazing team of specialists who are always ready to help you to grow and develop as a digital expert. However, being part of this company does not only mean being part of the office environment, it is so much more than that. It is all the time spent together outside the office, all the lunches, drinks, social events and gala evenings… It is a family to grow with. 

We are so glad to hear the positive feedback from our interns! Relevance will be starting a new internship programme soon. Anyone interested should contact [email protected] to find out more.

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