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Kiri - Relevance Digital

Content Creator and Video Editor Kiri

Meet Kiri



Kiri is the Junior Video Editor at Relevance Monaco. With a strong passion for photography and videography, Kiri brings artistic ideas and strategic insights to deliver quality content for clients. Kiri is responsible for attending luxury events and lust-worthy locations to create still and video content for clients and editing media content for longer, fine-tuned promotional videos.

Kiri is originally from Finland. After finishing his university degree in information networks – a combination of studies covering communication, design, psychology, and IT – in Helsinki, he left Finland to study abroad, later deciding to stay in the French Riviera.

In his free time, Kiri loves arts in all forms: visual, musical, written, and dance. He’s fascinated by self-development and currently explores the ins and outs of Muay Thai, a Thai combat sport.

Kiri will capture the moment, so that it lasts forever.


  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Social Media


Based in:
Monaco Monaco Flag

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