Yandex Updates its Interface: Interactive Islands are Coming!

Yandex-updates-interface.pngThe new Yandex update is going to increase the Russian search engine’s functionality and for its users. It will offer them not only the search results for the search query that they’ve entered, but also quick solutions to the problems they are looking for such as extended information or contact forms.

A few weeks ago Yandex presented the beta-version of its new interface that will significantly change not only the way Yandex looks, but also the way it helps people to find what they are looking for.

This will be done using “Ostrova” or, in English, “Islands”. Ostrova is the new interface that will show the user not only the link to the relevant website with its short description, but also an interactive block containing key quick use links or forms from the website. For example, someone going to watch a film at the cinema could enter the name of the cinema on Yandex and immediately see the show times without clicking through to the website. Another example: someone enters “Online registration Aeroflot” and gets the online registration form immediately as a search result. The same is true for online-shops, delivery services and many other businesses promoted on the web.


Websites owners can develop their interactive block for Yandex using the instruments on The new interface is expected to be launched in July, but at the moment you can try the experimental version to create your own Island and even agree on pre-launch displaying of your Island on Yandex. Don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the first to utilise this great Russian online marketing feature.


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