What Do Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals Wants Relevance

What Do Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients Want: Relevance’s Editorial Style Guide

Wondering how to communicate with High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals? At Relevance we have over a decade of experience marketing to this unique audience, and wanted to share just some of what we’ve learnt. Without further ado, here is our checklist for what Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals want from their marketing – aka our editorial style guide for communicating with the world’s wealthiest

What do Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients want? Find out in Relevance’s editorial style guide



Avoid using It’s or Don’t – use It is or Do not instead. This depends on the channel you are planning to launch your campaign on – for example, social media is more informal – but typically it is better to err on the side of formality when communicating with UHNWIs. 


Do use

Refined, desirable, sophisticated, polished, advantageous – these are all good ways of describing to an elite audience.


Avoid superlative adjectives such as amazing or incredible or spectacular. UHNWIs expect amazing as a base-line and so it is rare that they would think of your offering as amazing. 


Use judiciously. Luxury is very overused, and it is unlikely that HNWIs shop or describe their lifestyle in this way. Our editorial style guide rules to only use luxury as part of a targeted keyword.

Mass market

Avoid referring to anything as popular, abundant, lots of – this is not what Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients want or are attracted to. Is the opposite of exclusivity. Selection or collection is nicer than array.

Key concepts

Specifications and amenities

Highlight the specifics of the product/service you’re speaking about – ie. technical specifications and details. These details speak louder about the quality of an item than wishy-washy adjectives. Remember that the majority of UHNWIs will have made their fortune through being savvy business people, who demand facts over prose.


For the world’s wealthiest, whatever you are selling is unlikely to be a dream purchase or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It also does not require them to make a choice (ie. where will you go on your one holiday this year). UHNWI do not have to choose one thing over another.

Looking rich

Rich people do not spend money to look rich. Emphasise discretion over flashiness.

Quality over quantity

Think investment, not buying multiple cheaper things. Think like the elite – in a world where you could purchase anything you want, the only deciding factor is quality. 


Think soft sell, not hard sell. Just because a HNWI may be able to afford to spend millions in a second, doesn’t mean that they don’t want time to consider their purchase. The general rule is that the higher the value of a product/service, the longer the lead time. Wealthy people are still people, and people don’t like to be rushed into a purchase. 

We hope this has provided some insight into what Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients want from their marketing communications. To discuss our editorial style guide in more detail, please get in touch today.

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