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Wechat Social Marketing in China


For those who are not familiar with Wechat, it is a Chinese messaging app that also functions as a social media channel which can handle all your instant message needs; whether you require text and video chat, video calling, push to talk, photo/video and location sharing. Additional interesting features of the channel include: group messaging, broadcasting messaging, photo sharing and discovering new people around you via “look around”…

Wechat has already got more than 600 million users, and as a multimedia mobile app, the social marketing value of Wechat has risen quickly since the launch of Wechat version 5.0. Compared to other social media, the greatest advantage of WeChat is its precise targeting; with nearly 100% of messages sent to customers being seen. In addition, WeChat can bridge your customers between the offline and online world (O2O), creating a huge network of B2B, B2C and C2C for direct marketing.

As a multimedia mobile app, the social marketing value of Wechat has risen quickly since the launch of Wechat version 5.0.

The overseas buying power of Chinese travelers, especially in terms of consumption of luxury goods, has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. 83% of Chinese travelers continue to use WeChat when they are abroad, offering an enormous opportunity for brands to stay in their minds. It is therefore unsurprising that an increasing number of luxury brands are interested in Wechat marketing.

Wechat public platform

Users can have a public account on Wechat, to attract as many followers as possible. Many third-party developers transferred their focus from Weibo to Wechat, catering to the growing demands of Wechat public account management. There are two types of public accounts- the subscribe account and the service account.

Customer Relationship Management

One noteworthy function of public account management is to classify fans into different categories, for example, companies can categorize fans intonormal fans, potential customers, existing customers and many more. Location, age and gender are also potential categories to look into when sending group messages about your brand and products.

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