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Tweeting with Twitter: Reap the Rewards


Millions of people are currently using Twitter every day, however there are still too many marketers who have still not grasped the benefits of this social media concept.

A 2010 study by Exact Target showed that marketers who use Twitter have more influence online. In fact the study showed that consumers active on Twitter are three more times likely to impact a brand’s reputation than the average customer, and Twitter is the best tool to instantaneously, personally interact with customers on behalf of the brand.    

Marketers can use Twitter in a variety of ways. It can be used as a tool for customer feedback, providing the opportunity to react quickly to complaints and build relationships with customers, as well as gauging the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and product performance. Twitter can be used to fix customer problems, responding to queries or complaints in real time, neutralising negative feelings and creating a positive word-of mouth.  

Another use of Twitter is to enhance loyalty to the brand. Contests can be run, with the opportunity to link to coupons and encourage followers to share information about the product.

However you decide to use Twitter, if used effectively and pro-actively, your company brand can reap the rewards. Brand recognition, good company ethos and loyalty can all be achieved from Twitter in the long term.


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