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The old saying, ‘Every day is a school day’ could not be more true than at Relevance. To this day, everybody at Relevance is learning new techniques; especially new marketing and SEO strategies. This however, is par for the course in the SEO world, a fast-paced environment in which the goal posts are constantly changing.

Relevance provides excellent training for those looking to enter the world of online marketing

What is a good strategy in June can be out of date by December, so it is crucial for everyone in the company to keep up to date with the latest developments in the SEO and online marketing world. At Relevance, we watch Moz’s Whiteboard Friday together every week and brainstorm ideas and future strategies as a team, just one of many examples of the friendly and good natured spirit of the company.

In addition to learning about industry news, new recruits are trained in a wide range of online marketing techniques, such as, how to optimise and manage a PPC campaign, create original social media content and how to identify the best keywords a client should rank for in their given industry – in order to generate maximum ROI and achieve their goals.

Prior to beginning the internship, you are sent a copy of the training manual, a sort of Bible, which lists exactly what you will learn in your first two months at the company. You can check through the list at any time during your first few months and question anything you feel less confident with. Fortunately, the team are more than happy to explain everything thoroughly and are great at integrating you quickly into the group.

If you are looking to discover an industry where you learn something new every day, I would seriously recommend applying for an internship at Relevance, a company which encourages creativity. For example, even in the last few months we have pushed forward with many new ideas, from GIF campaigns to creating new blog sites from scratch, and it is great to work in such a creative, professional environment. The clients are another bonus, as Relevance works with some of the most interesting luxury industries in the world, from yacht charter to supercar rental companies. If you need any further convincing to take on the internship, there was one important detail omitted earlier; we usually have a glass of wine or two alongside Whiteboard Friday.

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