Trail Tracking

The facts apparently read like this: forty six percent of local on-line searchers/potential buyers contact a business by telephone after doing their initial research on the Web and 97 percent of consumers use online services to shop.

These heady snippets of consumer behaviour  lead Mongoose Metrics, the phone call tracking experts,  to claim that successful marketeers need to understand precisely which on-line search engines, social media campaigns and advertisements are driving consumers to stretch for the phone and dial their number.

And they also have the solution – thanks to the development of  enterprise-level call tracking technology that closes the mysterious loop of who and how a consumer’s web-search leads directly to a phone call and finally a completed sale.

By incorporating  the Mongoose Metrics call tracking data into marketing automation software, bid management providers, analytics vendors and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – it is possible to understand and map the path that leads from what Mongoose  call ‘click to close’.


So, when Joe Smith browses your website – his activity is picked up on Mongoose automation software. Later, he picks up the phone and Mongoose Metrics systems note the call and analyse the information already logged about Joe during his web search – the time, date, geolocation, keyword source, type etc.. The Mongoose Metric system then imports the data into their CRM system and the sales professionals begin the process that leads to closing the deal. Once the sale is completed, the process is repeated – with the Metric system synchronising with the CRM and allowing the Metric system to determine the revenue generated from the lead and identifying the original source of the inquiry. In this way you can determine the marketing mechanisms that make you money.

As an SEO company based in France and experts in Google analytics Relevance Web Marketing believe this to be an excellent source of information. Mongoose’s automation software delivers data Google simply can’t provide and lets your business know exactly what impact you website, social media or pay per click campaigns have had on the consumer even after they’ve left.

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