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The Top Digital Marketing Tools That Relevance Used in March 2019

Welcome to our new pick of the top digital marketing tools that will help you streamline your marketing strategy and get results this month. We’ve taken the time to research and try out popular digital marketing tools so that you don’t have to; rest assured, we practice what we preach and use only the best online tools for our client projects. These were our favourite six tools for March.

Our top digital marketing tools – March 2019

1. IMGonline

Do you have blurry images you need to fix? Are you trying to figure out how to cut a picture into equal parts online? IMGonline is the perfect free tool for unmasking and sharpening pictures to create seamless textures and tiles. It provides high-quality processing of JPEGs and images including the aforementioned textures, as well as the standard compressions, resizing and file format conversions you can expect from an image tool. Moreover, it can convert a stereoscopic 3D image to a normal 2D, and generate a stereopair (two pictures) from a single stereoscopic 3D image. Another neat trick it offers is to slice photos into equal-sized individual parts vertically and horizontally, as well as cutting them into different shapes and outlines, making it the perfect tool to make puzzle posts for Instagram.

2. Google Chrome Browser

Let’s go back to basics with Google Chrome, an all-round amazing tool. Its DevTools section provides a set of web developer tools built directly into Chrome. Press cmd+shift+J (or just right click “inspect element”) to open DevTools and instantly access the console panel. A label called ‘audit’ does everything Pagespeed insights will do and combines desktop and mobile together, as well as giving you SEO recommendations. It is one of the most useful free SEO toolkits for doing everything from assessing your page load time and identifying speed issues to verifying your images alt descriptions.

3. Alli AI

Alli AI has jumped onto the AI bandwagon to show us how this advanced technology can be used to help with online marketing. The World’s First Artificial Intelligence for SEO is an easy way to power up and simplify your website content. It’s a top digital marketing tool for strategy and implementation and can index links, optimise your content, guard against errors, build backlinks, scale your outreach and monitor your web traffic. Most importantly, it manages to provide a human feel despite being a machine.

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider  

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and harvest a huge amount of data. Its a popular digital marketing tool for marketers auditing their websites. It will give you a complete readout of your scripts and media, your metadata, your links and much more.

There is a free version but it’s somewhat limited in functionality – however, depending on what you need from a web crawler, the free SEO spider might be just right for you. The paid version offers advanced configuration options, integration with Google Analytics, saved crawls, custom source code searching and tech support among numerous other valuable features. But even the basic version is an incredible tool in your SEO arsenal for identifying and fixing errors and making your site look more appealing to search engines.

5. Google Optimize – Marketing Platform

Google Optimize is a free CRO (conversion rate optimisation) tool that links to Analytics and allows you to experiment with your marketing to get better results. A combination of split testing, website testing and personalisation tools helps small businesses deliver engaging customer experiences. It gives you the information to achieve higher conversion rates and increase the average value of visits to your web page.

Fortunately, it can be set up in a matter of minutes and this ease of use belies the incredible in-depth reports it produces. The Editor function allows you to create different versions of your pages for HTML content testing, while the Reporting suite uses data to provide insight into your experiments.

6. AB TestGuide

Calculate statistical significance and the power of your A/B-test with this free online calculator. It is simple but effective in streamlining your marketing strategy for noticeable results. Plus. there are additional calculators to show you how many visitors you need to optimise conversions, as well as for Google Tag Manager testing.

These popular digital marketing tools have been our favourites this month – let us know if you have any others you would recommend!

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