The ultimate SEO checklist 2023

The world of search engine optimisation is constantly changing, and we know it’s crucial to stay updated. Relevance’s 2023 SEO checklist reflects this year’s latest SEO trends and points out the topics everyone is talking about. With information gleaned from the book “SEO In 2023” by David Bain and 101 of the world’s leading SEO experts, our resource is a practical guide to keep you informed and ready to bring your business to the next level.

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Some valuable pointers on our 2023 SEO checklist include the accelerated growth of artificial intelligence, the emphasis on Google’s E-E-A-T quality rater guidelines, and the importance of structured data.  

  • In light of the fast-paced progress in AI, including tools like ChatGPT, it’s becoming easier for anyone to write about any topic, blurring the lines between reliable sources and less trustworthy content. 
  • That’s why this year, the emphasis on EEAT—Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust—is more important than ever. Google is dedicated to filtering through the noise prioritising accurate information from credible sources while maintaining a quick and reliable website user experience. 
  • Additionally, Google is actively employing structured data to enhance its systems, directly impacting Google Discovery. This development from just retrieving to intelligently recommending content is a game-changer for search techniques, placing greater importance on the strategic use of structured data for SEO.

Our 2023 SEO checklist follows on from our hugely successful Ultimate SEO resource, which featured hundreds of SEO ideas, including trends, strategies, and tactics for Google and Bing.  

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