Is Facebook Fated to Fail?

For many the action of turning on their computer is usually followed by having a quick browse around Facebook, a habit almost as natural as putting on the kettle in the morning.

A social fix, no matter where you are in the world or what time it is, Facebook is there to give you that connection and interaction with friends and family we all need now and again. But will it stand the test of time?

During the lifespan of the world wide web many an internet institution has come and gone. So far Facebook seems not only to be surviving but growing with 845 million (active December 31, 2011), all of them potential customers to your business through adopting an effective social media management strategy.

Below is a fantastic graphic chart I came across today. It shows the rise, and in most cases fall, of some of the internet’s biggest names to date.


Is Facebook fated to fail as the internet evolves and something new and better comes along? Facebook itself replaced MySpace, could the same occur again as Google + begins to find it’s feet? I guess we will all just have to wait and see, till then there is no doubt that the internet is becoming more and more socially friendly, I look forward to what the future has in store.

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