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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 23rd February

Relevance top 10

This week, Relevance’s summary of the Moz top 10 is a significant one: a busy week in the world of digital marketing has seen changes to Twitter’s algorithm, a high-profile member of the Google heading for the exit and a new influx of users flocking to DuckDuckGo. Read on to be in the know:

1 – The prominent role of humans, not machines, in data science

Contrary to recent speculation, data science does, and always will, rely on humans rather than computers. Do not fear the algorithm! Read on to discover the enduring importance of a human perspective.

2 – A major cog in the Google gear heads for the exit

Amit Singhal, Senior VP and Software Engineer, explains his rise throughout Google and his plans for the future. Might his departure impact on search engine results pages? Only time will tell.

3 – Is your organic traffic slumping? This might just be why…

A decline in your organic traffic does not necessarily indicate a penalty from Google. Read what Todd Malicoat had to say about the issue, as he offers 13 reasons why your stats may be disappointing you.

4 – Twitter’s latest algorithm updates

How might Twitter’s latest algorithm changes affect your business? The changes to their timeline are explored by Ginny Marvin. Stay ahead of the game.

5 – Test your knowledge on local SEO

Hone your web marketing skills by taking this test on local SEO, adjudicated by Miriam Ellis. Local SEO is a vital strategy in digital marketing. This quiz will expose your weaknesses on the latest developments.

6 – Master your Facebook conversion campaign

Dallas McLaughlin shares insider knowledge on how to conduct a successful conversion-based Facebook campaign. Broadcast your solid content as effectively as possible to turn exposure into conversions.

7 – DuckDuckGo’s rise to prominence

Jack Simpson presents 14 reasons why your search strategy should incorporate the search engine, DuckDuckGo. The search engine is about to go main stream, and for good reason.

8 – The go-to guide for startup content marketing

Implement a successful content marketing strategy for your startup business. Melani Dizon explains how.

9 – Are keywords still relevant? What might be next?

In the latest whiteboard Friday, Randi Fishkin explores whether it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new, where keywords are concerned. Should content be geared more towards user experience?

10 – Search engine exposure: a handy guide

Ensure that your company is visible to search engines, whichever they may be. Matthew Henry from Portent demonstrates how.





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