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The New Intelligent SEO: Public Relations


Luxury Life ArticleBuilding a community online is composed of many factors, including social media, blogs, SEO and much more. One factor that is becoming increasingly popular in the digital marketing industry is that of PR. Here are a few reasons as to why Relevance Web Marketing believes that PR is the new intelligent SEO.


Relevance reveals why it believes PR is the new intelligent SEO

Coverage = Publicity

When inviting the press, journalists and blog owners to an event, the idea is to increase the content about your company. Their experience on the trip will be reflected in the way the companies are represented in articles written about it. It is a bit like when a consumer writes a review of a product online, if many people write a good review this product, it persuades the potential buyer that the product is worth buying. However, if the product is badly portrayed, it is much less likely that the consumer will consider purchasing the product. Therefore, if you are considering organising a PR trip, make sure that it is highly ordered and that the day is fully planned with interesting activities. The last thing you want is for the companies to be reflected negatively to a new, larger audience. Remember, news travels fast!

Creating Relationships

When promoting your company, one of the most important tactics is creating partnerships with other sites in order to build links to your website. However, with PR the relationship is a lot more intimate. Having the ability to meet and speak to the press officers and journalists gives you another chance to represent the company in a good light. A good impression is vital when it comes to PR as it shows professionalism.

New Links

Not only will PR increase publicity, but you will also create new links to your site! However, it is crucial that the writers you invite to the event are current and relevant. In doing so, you create good quality links and avoid the possibility of search engines penalising your website for having irrelevant ones. Having bad links can seriously hurt your page ranking figures.


In conclusion, PR can be a fantastic tool to gain strong intimate business partnerships, publicity and new links. It is key that your event is relevant to those you have invited, well planned and that your company is well represented in order to give them as much good press as possible. 

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