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Moz Top 10 – January


Join Relevance for the first Moz Top 10 of the year 2015. We take a look at all this month’s top SEO news and blogs, including reviews of 2014 and predictions for the forthcoming calendar year. Expect a broad spectrum of SEO insight covering changes to the Firefox browser, content marketing trends for 2015 and even tips on how to improve title tag CTR by 20%.

1. Google Search Share Drops After Firefox Switch

After the Firefox browser installed Yahoo as its default search engine, and with Safari driving increasingly large amounts of mobile traffic, Google has seen a decline in users. Rolfe Winkler discusses.

2. 10 Predictions for the marketing world in 2015

Moz’s very own SEO guru Rand Fishkin, predicts the year’s biggest online marketing trends including a growth in Google’s indexation of Twitter and the rise of Pinterest. Review his predictions form last year and judge his latest ones for yourself.

3. 2015 Content Marketing Trends: Bullish and Bearish Reports

Kane Jamison makes predictions of his own for the coming year, more specifically to do with content creation and how to get the best out of your blogs and posts in 2015.

4. How I caught Copyblogger Sneaking into my Inbox

As Scott Van puts it, ” in digital marketing there is no location more valuable than space in your inbox”, particularly if you work for Copyblogger, the leading email marketing firm. Discover how they use LinkedIn to cleverly ensure they are regularly at the top of your inbox.

5. On Link Volume for SEO

Richard Baxter of Built Visible busts the myth that link volume is a good idea in an organic campaign. Which KPIs should you be searching for instead?

6. How to Improve Title Tag CTR by 20%

Championing new title tag methods contrary to the keyword overloading tactics of 2005 is Ross Hudgens of Siege Media. He explains how you create more modern and better performing titles that can markedly increase your CTR.

7. The Best of the Best: Celebrating the Top 10 of the Moz Top 10 for 2014

The Moz Top 10 of 2014 has plenty of pearls of wisdom from last year that still ring true in 2015 and others which offer an interesting insight into how the world of SEO is constantly developing and changing.

8. Testing the Influence of URL Citations, Term Proximity on Document Indexation and Ranking

Can your site rank for a term that does not actually feature on the site itself? Dan Petrovic has the answers to all your co-citation questions.

9. Less Training, More Practice

For a great piece of casual reading, read Sara Wachter-Boettcher’s article on why practice makes perfect.

10. The Kevin McCallister Guide to “Booby-Trapping” Your Website for Maximum Conversions

Inspired by Home Alone, Will Hoekenga dictates how to defend against your home, or rather your website, from

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