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The Management of Social Media


Solutions for handling a company’s social media has been widely discussed and argued over,  Should it be an individual or team effort? Do you really want your corporate communicators to handle your social marketing? Today many organizations place large percentages of social media in marketing or corporate communications, but the game now is very different. Maximizing social media presence is the aim but which approach is the best method?


organizations starting up their social media presence often utilize a single person for this task.  As do organizations unconvinced of the value of social media, those inclined to inhibit access to social networks at work.

Centralized control can be limiting.  

An individual controlling a Twitter account can create a strong voice but seem one dimensional against competing decentralized approaches.  They cannot be expert in all areas, and may be constrained in technical or discipline specific conversations, therefore limit potential success. However directing and posting messages and updates is simplified.  

With one person responsible there is no need to train every staff member in PR.  Yet it can become impossible for an individual to engage in real time with followers and friends of an organization with a global audience.

Media-savvy organizations more commonly use a decentralized control. Usually a small, cohesive team who has the freedom and trust of the organization to update and respond as they find appropriate, and time allows.  There may be many involved, but with a strong understanding of the organizations’ ethos and practices you can guarantee a successful and coherent voice.

It is given that decentralized control can give highs and lows in communication within your social media, yet these situations can be avoided by close surveillance and responsibility over updates.  Using a decentralized, multidisciplinary approach means that you increase your potential to communicate with audiences at all levels of your organization.  Permitting different members of your team access to corporate social media accounts allows your presence and therefore your professional relationships to soar.

There is no correct answer. Your choice may fall between the two and you may need to use a combination of methods to shift from one approach to another.

A good attack may be to utilize team members from the various disciplines that the organization wants to push in order to lead the market.  It is a given that an organization’s social media presence illustrates its nature and culture, however if this presence is handled with trusted SEO company there is the possibility to achieve much more.

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