Senior Account Manager Yuliya Maglott

Senior Account Manager

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Yuliya Maglott is a Senior Account Manager at Relevance. She speaks four languages and has over eight years of experience in marketing and customer service. Yuliya has worked for many different clients, including some of the world’s most prominent VIPs, as well as companies operating across multiple business fields such as private aviation and banking, yachting, and SaaS. 

She studied in Moscow and Rome and regularly enrolls in online courses to develop her skillset further and stay abreast of the latest trends in the marketing world.

In her free time, Yuliya likes working out, spending time with her family, and studying psychology and behavioural science.

" Yuliya sees her main mission as turning businesses toward their customers, making sure that in the pursuit of key metrics, they do not forget about the core reason for their very existence - their clients. "


Marketing strategy, Search & Display Ad Campaigns, Market & Competitive Research, Copywriting, Customer Service, Google Ads Search Certified, Google Certified, Meta Certified,


Based in Monaco


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