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Niki | Commercial Director | Relevance

Audience Profiling Specialist Niki M.

Meet Niki


Niki is the Audience Profiling Specialist for Relevance. She is obsessed with helping brands develop audience-centric marketing strategies. Niki will work with you to identify and find your audience, discover actionable insights about their online behaviours and translate this information into creative and practical plans to reach and resonate with your wealthy audiences. She has developed and refined this process over the past decade, successfully delivering audience-centric strategies for ultra-luxury brands such as Bentley Motors, Garrard & Co, Bupa Private Client, Altoo, and Ocean Independence.

Niki has 25 years of experience leading commercial, marketing, design, and content teams in luxury, automotive, fashion, music, news, media, events, and entertainment companies such as Bentley Motors, The Sunday Telegraph, Time Warner (Turner), 365 Corporation, Ministry of Sound/Sony, Made by Niki (her own label), Reuters and Freud Communications, and The Drum.

She regularly consults with luxury brands seeking to create communications that will resonate with and convert their wealthy target audience. 

Niki enjoys looking at the bigger picture to help you develop an effective marketing strategy that reaches and converts your target audience efficiently.


  • Marketing strategy

  • Project Management

  • Audience Intelligence

  • Corporate Culture

  • Parternship Marketing

  • Event Management

  • Social Media

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Business Development


Based in:
London British Flag

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