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Nicole is an account manager at Relevance. She is a Hubspot Certified digital consultant that brings strong experience in lead acquisition strategies and marketing automation. She crafting campaigns to capture leads and nudge to action across the different digital marketing channels.

Nicole started her career working for Asset Management houses in London. She moved into digital marketing when returning to Monaco and excels now at crafting campaigns that capture leads and spur action across multiple different marketing channels.
When she is not working for her clients, Nicole is a busy mom of two young children and is an avid open water swimmer.

Nicole will work tirelessly to add value to her clients and ensure that their digital marketing goals are achieved.


  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Hubspot

  • Analytics & Tracking

  • Lead Generation

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media


Based in:
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Nicole has worked on many projects including:

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