Social Media and Copy Specialist  Lily Power

Social Media and Copy Specialist 

Meet Lily


A competent content strategist and planner, Lily Power manages all clients’ social channels, from day-to-day management to executing social strategy. She knows the secrets of creating engaging content, while also promoting brand awareness.

A social media fanatic, she has a passion for storytelling and communication. She enjoys the challenge of building an image or a lifestyle around a product or brand. She is particularly interested in the analytical and performance aspect of social media.

With over 3-years of experience in social, she has rapidly learnt how to create bespoke content tailored to each platform. She loves to dive deep into topics, tell stories and immerse the audience in a visual piece of content.

Lily loves wild swimming, chatting to people, and discovering hidden gems in new countries. When not in the water, you will find her at an art exhibition.

" ‘Lily knows how to create compelling content that captures and retains a brand’s tone of voice’ "


Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Trend Forecasting, Branding, Copywriting,


Based in London

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