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Hanushka is our Creative Director. Originally a Londoner, Hanushka is a former city lawyer and a freelance journalist having written for The Spectator and other high-end publications.

Hanushka started with Relevance training in all aspects of luxury digital marketing before moving into her current role, leading the creative team and working with luxury brands across a number of sectors. Hanushka is sharp and dynamic, with a great sense of personal style. Her particular interests are corporate branding, website design and image consultancy.

Her hobbies include writing, eating her way around London and organising her closet by colour and season.

Hanushka could just be the best thing that happened to our corporate image


  • Branding

  • SEO

  • Social Media

  • Project Management

  • Digital Advertising

  • Content Strategy

  • Analytics & Tracking


Based in:
Monaco Monaco Flag

Hanushka has worked on many projects including:

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