UK PR Director Freya Olsen

UK PR Director

Meet Freya


Freya Olsen is our UK PR Director and has been with Relevance for over ten years. Having previously worked in the Monaco office, Freya now heads the UK PR team. She works with businesses to project them into their markets and beyond, with creative business strategies that include everything from press trips to high-profile campaigns.

Freya brings 24 years of experience working in public relations and holds extensive international experience. After starting off with internships with Burberry and Alexander McQueen, she progressed to living and working in countries such as Bermuda, the United States, Korea, and France. Freya holds academic qualifications graduating from London College of Fashion with a distinction in Promotion Media and a Masters in international management from SOAS, University of London. She understands the nature of business on a personal level having once owned her own production company. She also has a passion for Korean culture after studying the Korean language at the prestigious Ewha Womans University in Seoul.

Freya enjoys good food, travel, and taking her Westie out wherever she goes!

" “Freya’s expertise lies in the promotion of business, and she knows how to manipulate campaigns in order to drive maximum impact.”



PR Strategy and management, Press Officer, Press Trips, Communications, Writing,


Based in London


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