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Ella is Relevance’s

Senior Copy and Editorial Specialist. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester, she moved to London to complete her Master’s degree in Luxury Brand Marketing at the British School of Fashion. Ella has always had a keen interest in consumer and purchasing behaviour which spurred on her passion for a future in marketing. Part of the London team, her role encompasses managing strategic content for our clients, including articles, press releases, landing pages, and large-scale website re-writes. She assists in all areas of digital content marketing, helping to deliver the highest standard of work.

Born in the UK, Ella has travelled extensively around the world. Her years of travel have given her a great perspective on writing travel articles, as well as reaching the target audiences of our luxury brands. 

In her free time, she enjoys eating good food, being with her friends, shopping and beach walks.

Ella is dedicated to creating compelling, interesting and unique digital content for all her client’s


  • Content Writing

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  • Digital Content

  • Content Marketing

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Development


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