Senior Account Manager Dorin Musat

Senior Account Manager

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Dorin Musat is a Senior Account Manager at Relevance Digital. He is passionate about digital marketing and always eager to find the best strategy for clients. Dorin has attended different events such as GA4 Training in London and Brighton SEO. He is also knowledgeable about technology such as Google Analytics, Data Studio, Excel, and Tag Manager. Dorin believes that digital marketing is constantly evolving and is always looking for new ways to help clients reach their marketing goals. He is a creative problem-solver with a passion for digital marketing and a commitment to helping clients achieve success.

Besides his management duties, Dorin is the tech wizard at Relevance, creating powerful documents and turning analysis and strategy into a piece of cake. He is passionate about coding, and can quickly and accurately create documents to help clients reach their marketing goals. Dorin is a valuable asset to Relevance Digital and a skilled Account Manager.

Dorin is originally from Romania, and after graduating from high-school he decided to move in Monaco and continue his studies at the International University of Monaco. He is multilingual, speaking English, French, Spanish and Romanian.
In his free time, he is into extreme sports, such as kitesurf, ski and snowboard. Similarly, he plays golf which is one of his passions since he was a little.

" If it doesn’t work, I make it work!


SEO, GA4, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Certified,


Based in Monaco


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