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Digital Marketing Intern Capucine

Meet Capucine



Capucine is a new addition to the Relevance team, working as the Digital Marketing Intern in the Bath office. Currently a Marketing student at the University of Bath, Capucine has experience working in loyalty marketing and communications with tech-industry leaders. Her experience working for international tech conglomerates provided her with skills such as the ability to have both a granular and expansive view when crafting strategies for digital solutions.

Born in France, she expanded her horizons by living in the US as well as the UK for significant periods of time. Helping her to have a more global understanding of cultures, consumer behaviour, and business. She enjoys cooking, travelling anything that comes from the 1970s.

Capucine’s versatility and meticulousness make her a good addition to any complex project


  • Content Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Email Marketing

  • Project Management


Based in:
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