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Senior PPC Specialist Callum

Meet Callum

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Callum is our Senior PPC Specialist leading our advertising team. He brings a wide range of digital marketing experience to the table, with a specialism in the luxury travel market. Callum’s skills encompass all aspects of advertising including social media marketing, Google and Bing ads, and app promotion and advertising. There is never a “typical day” for the advertising team, who are responsible for running campaigns across multiple platforms in a variety of industries including yachting, real estate, travel & leisure, governance, e-commerce, fashion, and banking.

Born in Bath, Callum developed his marketing expertise at a Bournemouth-based luxury holiday firm after graduating in marketing communications. He successfully executed a range of projects during his time there, namely creating and managing national television campaigns, developing mobile apps, and launching new brands.

Away from the fast-paced world of digital marketing, travel is Callum’s real passion, having backpacked extensively through Southeast Asia discovering unmissable sights and experiences. During his free time, Callum is also a keen endurance runner, completing numerous half-marathon and middle-distance races across the country. A keen home chef, Callum is fascinated by the culinary world and enjoys experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen.

Callum spearheads our advertising campaigns to maximise results. No matter what product or service you offer, he’ll figure out a way to reach your target audience effectively.


  • PPC

  • Paid Social

  • Ad Copywriting

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Analytics & Tracking

  • Performance Reporting


Based in:
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Callum has worked on many projects including:

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