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Alicia is an Account Director in our Relevance U.K. team with a special focus on U.S. and U.K. clients. A tenacious strategist, she is always challenging ideas, unpicking problems and pushing for better. In her years at Relevance, she has led a wide range of projects, from complex technical SEO implementations to luxury brand development and design. 

Before Relevance Alicia worked in London’s competitive private education sector, meeting the needs and expectations of celebrities, politicians, high-powered executives and their children. Her years working closely with these families has given her a very human perspective on reaching the target audiences of our luxury brands.

Based in Bath, Alicia loves exploring everywhere on foot. She carries her Instax camera with her most places and lives for the thrill of occasionally taking a good photo. Of an evening or weekend, she likes to watch YouTube, paint her nails in wild colours, read, and play games with friends.

Alicia's insights cut to the core of every problem, and she has the ideas to solve them.


  • Project Management

  • Business Strategy

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Social Media

  • Content Strategy

  • Google Certified

  • Analytics & Tracking


Based in:
Bath British Flag

Alicia has worked on many projects including:

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