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Relevance is excited to introduce our end-to-end video production and marketing service.
From pre-production to distribution, we offer all that is required to create and deliver exciting, relevant video content under one roof. The dynamic video development team will work alongside our account managers, content managers, SEO and branding teams to create the best plan for you. Once your video is ready to go, our marketing and SEO team will ensure that your stories are shown to the right people, in the right places at the right time – tracking and testing everything as we go.

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  • End-to-End Video Production

  • Short & Feature Films

  • Editing for Social Media & Youtube

  • Fleet of Drones

  • UK & International Filming

  • Specialist in Luxury

  • Latest Technology & Equipment

  • Certified Digital Marketing Team

Digestives - Mini Series-30x60 second clips

These bigger but digestible snacks are designed to convey important information via social media. These videos are designed to keep people’s attention by providing informative information in a visually stimulating manner.

Our social media experts will develop the perfect campaign for you and optimise the approach. Each 60-second snack can be drip-fed through a variety of platforms.

Digestible snacks can be developed using one or more of the following angles; explainer videos, marketing videos, lead generation content, FAQ videos and instructional videos.

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Corporate Video

Company showcase videos are an effective way to give your target audience an insight into who you are and bring your company image/brand to life through visuals, sound and storytelling in a way that would be challenging through any other medium.

The aim of these promotional videos is to share your values, mission and brand with your target audience.

These videos are the most effective way to build value and trust – from intro videos, to vlogs, tutorials to testimonials, our super talented team will ensure that the essence of your brand is captured.

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Light Bites

The perfect way to spice up your social media page!

Normally when you receive all the raw footage (post-shoot) there is a lot of good, wasted content. In light of this, we developed Light Bites. These 0-15 second short video teasers were developed by our social media experts as an alternative to imagery to increase brand/product awareness, keep followers engaged and wake up your social media pages.

This can be fun footage turned into boomerangs, aspirational snippets or teasers that are published as part of a strategic drip-campaign over a period of time – determined on a case-by-case basis lasting from three weeks to six months).
Using your fresh or existing footage, Light Bites are a fantastic way to spice up your social media content- whatever the focus. Whether it’s to promote something, sustain customer engagement, to make people laugh or reminisce – Light Bites will gain attention!

Web Series Ad Campaigns

A coordinated series of linked advertisements with a common theme typically launched through several media channels.

The aim is to focus on a common theme, one or more brands or products, or be directed at a particular group of the population. These can range from a series of mini-docs (presenter led episodes) exploring the brand or a viral Ad Series. In most cases, these ads are controversial, shocking or humorous and have been designed to provoke a reaction and increase brand awareness.

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