Online Reputation Management services for Luxury Brands

What is online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the proactive measure of managing and influencing what information about your brand is readily available to internet users in search results. This can be managed in a variety of ways, from focusing on SERP (search engine results page) and keyword performance to finding opportunities to improve rankings of positive content and bowl down negative search results. Our online Reputation Management service is a key practice to presenting your brand in the best possible light. 

Relevance is a leader in multilingual SEO and advertising. For over a decade, we have provided luxury businesses with a one-stop SEO solution, including running multilingual marketing campaigns, optimising websites for multiple languages and search engines, monitoring internet mentions, and maintaining a favourable presentation in web searches.

  • Protect Your Brand

  • Shaping Your Online Narrative

  • Combining SEO, Content and Digital PR

  • Positive Web Presence of Search Engines

  • Highly Strategic Approach

  • Proactive Approach to Negative News

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Marketing in the luxury industry requires brands to have a seriously reputable brand image with a positive web presence in Google searches. With your online reputation being the most critical aspect of your brand, it is little surprise that according to Forbes, 97% of business owners say online Reputation Management is vital to their marketing strategy. 

A poor online reputation can lead to a loss of brand value and search traffic, directly impacting profitability. With the amount of attention that goes into making a brand and website perform at its best, your brand is an investment that should be protected.

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The Relevance Process

At Relevance, the objective of our online Reputation Management service is to shape and control the narrative around your brand.

We will begin by performing a comprehensive brand audit in order understand your specific  search landscape and the different media types (from earned to shared or paid media) that offer opportunities in improving and better controlling your online  reputation. This  in turn will help us develop an online Reputation Management strategy that is tailored for your website and brand. We will be monitoring your brand’s search results and mentions so we can experience what your customers experience. 

Using an integrated and sophisticated approach, we will develop both a short and long term plan with paid advertising, digital PR and SEO to minimise the visibility of negative press and content associated with your brand. We will invest into SEO and leverage our public relations  to push down the negative content in search results hurting your brand and use reverse SEO methods to create new positive results in SERPS by publishing content-rich articles.

In the process of improving your online reputation with your audience, our SEO specialists will increase the number of positive off-page signals and so also improve the authority and trustworthiness associated with your domain with search engines. This can also translate into higher ranking, iimprove the overall domain authority and SEO optimisation of your website in the process managing your online reputation by increasing the overall quality of incoming links that we will measure using SEO tools. 

To shift the focus from negative news to positive news, we will take control of the narrative through digital PR and direct media buys. We have built strong relationships with global media outlets such as The Economist, Bloomberg, Reuters and the WSJ and have experience in crafting global media campaigns. Authoritative and well-written articles will address critics, provide trustworthy information and promote positive news about the company. These articles will then be published on highly reputable international online media used by your audience.

Finally, we will increase your brand’s presence on all media inventory. These will include social media accounts, images, articles and videos.

While we understand that you may want information removed from the internet, Relevance, as a digital marketing agency, cannot provide legal advice or remove content from the internet.

At Relevance, your business is our biggest priority, and we understand how important Google search results are. With over a decade of online Reputation Management experience, our specialists can create a highly effective online Reputation Management plan that answers all your SEO challenges. If you would like to learn more about our Reputation Management services or require our expertise in digital marketing, please get in touch with Relevance today 

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