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Relevance is a European leader in multilingual SEO and advertising. At Relevance we help businesses achieve global growth – to expand their business into new territories and to conquer international markets.

At Relevance, our biggest investment is in your business. Our international team of experts can provide a one-stop solution to all your SEO needs; from running multilingual marketing to optimising your website for multiple languages and search engines.

We are Relevance. We are your multilingual partner.

  • Award-Winning European Agency

  • English-speaking Project Managers

  • Native Multilingual SEO Consultants

  • 15+ Languages In-House

  • Google Certified European Partner

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Why Choose Relevance

Relevance is an award-winning European SEO Company. Navigate your business, while we help you move abroad and develop internationally. Many of our clients speak English, but are looking to target global consumers. We bridge the gap by giving you an English account management team, who will learn your business and will then manage multilingual SEO and advertising teams. We speak your language, while our consultants speak that of your customers. Target different geographical locations in a language they will understand and international growth will follow

Relevance Expertise - Native Multilingual SEO & Advertising Experts

At Relevance, we speak your language. Our international digital marketing project management is based out of our offices in Monaco and in the UK, with strategic consultants in Paris, Zurich, Milan, Barcelona, Moscow and Warsaw.

Our native multilingual specialists understand how people in their country search for your goods and services. Our only goal is to obtain more business by giving your company the opportunity to reach an international audience. After all, 75% of the internet is multilingual – imagine the opportunities.

Award-Winning European SEO Company

Relevance was shortlisted as small European SEO Company of the year. At Relevance we strive for long-lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust, quality and results. Our premier position as a European SEO Company allows us to employ the best native SEO & PPC consultants to target the correct keywords, increase conversion rates, and online leads and sales.

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