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Relevance excels at reaching the incredibly niche market of UHNWIs. It is something we’ve been doing, successfully, for more than a decade. 

UHNWIs are not your typical consumer, so reaching the world’s wealthiest individuals requires highly tailored digital marketing strategies that are anything but ordinary.

At Relevance we understand the world of UHNWIs. We know where they live, what they do, and how they spend their downtime. Our sophisticated database of the buying and lifestyle habits of this elite audience enable us to reach the richest people in the world better than anyone else.

We offer a full suite of digital marketing and creative tactics catered specifically to reach UHNWIs in a way that resonates with them, resulting in qualified leads and a fantastic return on investment.

If you want to successfully market to UHNWIs, then you need Relevance at your side.

  • Insight into UHNWI & HNWI Spending Habits

  • 10 years of understanding how HNWI's Search the Internet

  • Specialist Luxury Branding Department & Creative Director

  • Billionaire Location & Behaviour Lists for Digital Advertising

  • 10 UHNWIs personas ready for social media targeting

  • 40+ Clients Selling High Value Goods & Services for Partnerships

  • 30 High-Net Worth and Niche Subject WRITERS & JOURNALISTS


  • 200 Luxury & niche media outlets for Media Buying

  • Agencies Located in Billionaire Cities

  • Multilingual team to target China, Russia, Middle East, Brazil

  • 40+ Custom Designed Luxury Websites Live

  • Family Office, Wealth Management Mailing Lists

How to target UHNWIs using Social Media?

At Relevance we are social media experts, especially when it comes to targeting UHNWIs. The use of social media to directly communicate with customers in a purposeful yet informal way has allowed a huge number of luxury brands to significantly grow over the last couple of decades. 

Social media forms a significant part of consumers’ decision-making processes and research points to the fact that affluent consumers regularly use social media platforms, with 99 percent visiting social media platforms and spending close to 90 minutes per day on them. 

At Relevance we understand the importance of social media. We carefully consider which social media platforms match your qualified audience best when targeting UHNWIs. For example, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool when you have a very specific audience in mind, based on job roles and industry sector, while Instagram and Facebook are the best place for travel posts, due to their visual nature. 

Trust our expert social media managers to put together a tailored campaign to capture the attention of this elite audience. Then, watch your brand’s presence grow.

What content is used to target UHNWIs?

Our team of expert writers and editors are highly skilled specialists in creating carefully crafted content that resonates with UHNWIs. They are experts in the world of UHNWIs and understand the lifestyles and habits of the world’s wealthiest.

At Relevance, we utilise a wide range of content tools to reach UHNWIs, including blog posts that truly speak to this elite audience, in addition to well researched and in-depth editorial articles. These articles offer a great way to build brand awareness while creating a compelling and memorable story around your brand that sparks the interest of the world’s richest.

Of course, all of our digital content follows best practice SEO techniques to ensure it can easily be found by the qualified audience you wish to reach.

How to target UHNWIs using SEO?

At Relevance, we offer a full portfolio of SEO services that are highly tailored to reach UHNWIs.

This elite audience is some of the least sensitive people to standard advertising as they are constantly busy. However, when they search for specific information, they, or their representative, like everyone else, search with one of the most powerful tools in the world – Google. For all products purchased, that does not rely exclusively on brand image, UHNWIs will use search engines to first obtain information on the market and then finalise the acquisition, whether in real estate, jets, yachts, helicopters or bespoke jewellery.

We are experts in search engine optimisation, ensuring your website ranks highly for the search terms of the world’s wealthiest. And, due to our extensive experience of marketing to UHNWIs, we have built up a thorough understanding of the unique phrases UHNWIs use.

Most UHNWIs are also more likely to use mobile search than desktop search, so with this in mind, at Relevance we make sure that all of your digital strategies incorporate sites that are optimised for mobile users when marketing to high net worth individuals.

Additionally, regularly updated landing pages are a tried-and-tested technique to reach UHNWIs.

How to target UHNWIs using PPC?

PPC is a highly effective social media technique to reach UHNWIs. One of our key PPC strategies includes segmenting audiences into 10 personas to better identify who to target. We then apply layered targeting, which includes targeting by location, demographic, gender, age, marital status, career and education to ensure we reach the right people.

Our layered targeting involves researching brands, activities and behaviours associated with UHNWIs. For an individual to fit into our criteria they would have to match all layers of our interest and location targeting. All of this ensures a highly qualified audience.

For example, one way in which we target UHNWIs is by location targeting. This includes researching postcodes and towns which have a high-density of high-value properties worth over £5million. Another good starting point would be to target those who have elite schools such as Harrow and Eton listed on their page.

Our team of PPC experts have years of experience of targeting UHNWIs ensuring a result driven PPC campaign that truly delivers.

How to target UHNWIs using Digital PR?

The right digital PR strategies are an essential component to attracting UHNWIs.

Our team of PR experts bring a wealth of exclusive connections with some of the most desirable media outlets in the world, alongside niche media outlets that specifically target UHNWIs.

We work to gain high-quality editorial placements to ensure your brand reaches a qualified audience. The PR team at Relevance also work with a wide range of influencers who are followed exclusively by the world’s wealthiest and who have the ability to sway their buying habits.

Relevance’s PR team not only construct a brilliantly written story and get it into the hands of the right people, but also add stunning graphics and videos to ensure the right media pick-up.

As well as tailored digital PR strategies, our expert PR team also utilise more traditional PR techniques for a full PR service, including arranging high-impact sponsorships and press trips. 

At Relevance, our PR team ensures your luxury brand gets the right exposure.

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