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Digital Consultancy

At Relevance, we offer award-winning consultancy services to elevate your business. With 12 years’ data & experience, a wonderful team, the best tech on the market, and a strong vision of success, we can be your digital strategy lead. We will take you to where you need to be to grow your business.

  • Luxury industry focus

  • 12 Years in Digital

  • Full-Service Agency Solutions

  • Global Presence

  • Google Certified European Partner

  • Team who think outside the box

Evaluation & Optimisation

Our digital marketing consultants can audit your current digital position and give you a complete digital overview. We evaluate the digital assets of your company, honestly, to ascertain your marketing efforts to date and whether you are in a good place to move forward. We use a mix of specialist consultancy, data, and machine to give you an honest picture of your digital presence. It’s like looking into a mirror. Once sure of your current digital performance our digital consultants work with you to define your key performance indicators to measure digital growth and the tools to achieve it.

Digital Growth

Relevance is a full-service digital marketing agency with an extensive client list in the luxury brand space. Our consultancy has a full selection of tools to offer you to achieve growth. We relish getting the most output from client digital investments. We are flexible, prioritising digital campaigns within a constantly changing environment.

Managing Digital Projects

Digital is revolutionising consumer behaviour. Our challenge is to lead you with the most creative, yet analytical customer-centric digital strategies available. We have to think outside the box, to find ways to get past the competitors or stay ahead of the pack. Our mission is to increase revenues and market share. We provide full tracking and analytics services, as well as CRM and ROI. We will move your business forward quickly.

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Reach out today to find out how we could help you. We will provide you with an initial analysis on your market position and recommend a strategy to pursue – all without any obligations.

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