Aviation Marketing


Aviation marketing is the promotion of businesses within the aviation industry – this could include helicopter and jet builders, brokerages, crew agencies, and more. These marketing efforts can span digital and offline, and may cover search engine optimisation (SEO), digital advertising, social media, PR, content, website design and build, and branding.

At Relevance, we specialise in luxury private aviation and have over a decade of experience helping aircraft businesses reach a high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth audience. We are also a full-service digital agency, meaning that we can find a tailor-made solution to your needs, whether you require a niche collaboration or a full 360° digital strategy. Our team will devise a bespoke marketing strategy to help your company achieve all of its goals.








Marketing in the aviation sector today requires a seriously impressive and seamless website  – one that can stand out in a highly competitive market through its design and UX. Successful sites must also be optimised according to the latest SEO standards, in order to rank high enough on the SERPs to get noticed. 

E-commerce is central to many aviation businesses, but it requires specialist knowledge across many domains in order to get the right people to your website and buy your products, with additional expertise needed to ensure that your customers continue to choose you over your competitors.

Marketing in the aviation sector is also accelerated by positive press attention, but this is hard to come by, and gaining little acknowledgement can make PR outreach feel like a lot of wasted time, money and effort. This is where the professionals come in. 

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Aviation websites

Our in-house design team can create and build professional and beautiful websites for aviation companies, whether you are selling aircraft, chartering jets, or providing aviation services. 

Our development team specialises in database management, data feeds and fast loading speeds. We produce websites that work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone. 

We will use our experience and data concerning how customers browse aviation websites to create the best possible website for your brand and target audience.


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SEO for private aviation

Our SEO experts will advise you on the best strategy to reach top positions for aviation key phrases, helping you to stand out in this highly competitive industry.

Relevance has extensive experience in aviation keyword research. What gives us the edge is our multilingual SEO team, with native speakers of 15+ different languages. Our writers specialise in aviation terminology and our SEO team will find clever keyword areas that the competition has not thought of.


Press & partnerships

Relevance’s aviation press releases are sent to a list of 200 journalists in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. What’s more, our network of industry blogs and news sites allow us to provide powerful one-way backlinks for our clients’ websites. 

Organising a press trip is another way to directly target a selection of journalists. We can define which audience you want to reach – Travel, Business, Financing, Luxury- and select the publications that are the most relevant to your brand. We’ll then invite the selected journalists on a press trip. We can assist you at every step along the way, from organising the logistics of the event to presenting your featured articles. 

We can also initiate partnerships between your business and other relevant aviation companies, or businesses with a relevant clientele (e.g. luxury real estate, yacht charter, concierge  agencies.) This will increase your referral business and lead to a higher ranking on the search engines. 


E-commerce marketing in the aviation sector

Relevance can manage your entire e-commerce marketing experience, from the initial ideas stage to running each campaign. 

We have in-house expertise across a range of sophisticated platforms, allowing us to create cutting-edge, scalable campaigns which can be tailored to your budget. 

We are driven by results and will work with you to understand exactly what your goals are for your aviation company, aligning your e-commerce experience to meet your unique targets.


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