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SEO Top 10 Relevance – 3rd July 2017

This week’s Relevance countdown of Moz’s Top 10 brings you huge news from the world of search, with Google Posts helping out small businesses, HTTP/2 speeding up your website and a new tool to make content repurposing much easier. Enjoy.

1. Say goodbye to the traditional marketing funnel

In this episode of the popular Youtube series, ‘Here’s Why’, Mark and Eric explain that prospects are often familiar with your products before you’re aware of them. But more importantly, they explain how you can get in front of them. Fascinating reading.

2. All you need to know from SMX Advanced

One of our favourite SEO experts, Marie Haynes, gives us a rundown of the most important things she learnt at the SMX Advanced search marketing conference. Listen to her hour-long interview covering everything from chatbots to the Penguin update and you’ll feel like you were there with her.

3. Improve your bot experience with Javascript and SEO

Moz’s very own Alexis Sanders explains that contrary to popular belief, Javascript and SEO can work together to improve your bots. See how this can benefit your business in her brilliant blog post.

4. Vyper converts your blog post to Reddit posts

Thanks to the clever guys behind Vyper you can now convert your blog posts into Reddit posts in just a couple of clicks. Those of you who aren’t taking advantage of the front page of the internet to grow your following should definitely add Vyper to your favourites.

5. Take your SEO audit game to the next level

As the search world evolves, so must your technical SEO audits. The very talented ALeyda Solis talks us through which items you should be adding to your audits to stay up to date.

6. What you should know about HTTP/2

Many believe that HTTP/s will speed up their site, and more often than not they’re right. But what else should you know in order to get the most from it? Read on to find out.

7. How to optimize mobile in 2017

What do you get when you ask four of the best minds in mobile SEO how to succeed in the mobile arena in 2017? This fascinating must-read article that covers everything from AMP implementation to Voice-search.

8. Is the potential ROI worth your precious resources?

Before you pour your resources into various marketing channels read this extremely interesting article and ensure that you’ll get the rewards you want. After all, you don’t want to break Avinash Kaushik’s heart.

9. Google takes posts global

Small business owners of the world rejoice! Google is finally announcing the availability of Google Posts, which allows a business to micro-blog directly to their knowledge panel. See what this could mean for you and your brand.

10. Whiteboard Friday: Successful Influencer targeting

Where would we be without Moz’s SEO wizard? This week Rand tells us which three tactics he uses to deliver content that reels in influencers. If you read one thing this week, make it this.

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