MOZ Top 10 Articles – May

Here at Relevance Web Marketing, we like to keep our followers informed about all the latest industry news and developments.  We have therefore created a summary of the top ten articles from the last couple of months, as seen on the renowned Moz Blog.

Relevance reviews the top 10 SEO articles in May as rated by MOZ


1. One-Trick Ponies Get Shot: Getting Digital Marketing Right

In this first article, Ian Lurie, chairman and principal consultant at Portent, describes the truths as to why digital marketers lose their clients. Using his concepts such as ‘Ian’s laws of diminishing returns’ and the famous ‘Marketing Stack’, Ian explains what clients really want behind all the SEO and analytics. Stop thinking tactics and start learning how to think strategy!


2. Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay’s Very Bad Day

Dr. Peter J. Mejers focuses on explaining why eBay plummeted to 25th in the rankings on that famous ‘hot’ day in May as claimed by Google’s Algorithm. With the aid of some deep investigation, Peter attempts to clarify the correlation of the Panda 4.0 update and the fall in eBay’s ranking position.


3. Seven Must-Check Factors when doing SEO for International Sites

International sites are increasingly becoming more popular, however, are the sites functioning to their full potential? This comprehensive seven-step checklist is an excellent support tool for those executing SEO for International Sites. It not only focuses on the optimisation, but on how to keep a site’s infrastructure.


4. SEO 101: Is a Fast Google Penalty Recovery Possible Using the Google Disavow Tool?

Within the SEO domain, some companies claim that their websites recovered from a Google penalty between 3-5 days. However, this statement is seen to be highly unrealistic and it could in fact potentially take months to recover. This thorough guide gives an in-depth insight to Google Disavow, the pros, the cons and most importantly its worth.


5. How to Sell Conversion Rate Optimisation to Your Boss

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) has been proven to be effective in increasing sales, however, not all CEOs are willing to get on board with the idea. This ‘How to’ guide works as a template to help employers express CRO proposals to their executives by providing real life success stories from people such as Iztok Franco, director of Adria Airlines and Sendi Wijaja, CTO of Avvo.


6. The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimisation You’ll Ever Read

“Being boring is lame” says Unbounce’s Oli Gardner, and indeed his article is anything but boring. Join him on this blog equivalent of a page-turner as he takes you through the dos and don’ts of landing page optimisation. Learn how to turn your advert from a sales pitch into a dialogue between customer and website. Discover how your conversion rates can be maximised by making sure your site is minimalised and transform your landing page into a Call To Action that “inspires a click”.


7. How to Dominate Google+ Hangouts on Air

You might be excused for being unfamiliar with Google Hangouts. It only celebrated its first birthday this month. With this handy walkthrough guide, you can learn how to establish a Google Hangouts account and discover the benefits of publicising live and recorded long-distance meetings. No more excuses!


8. Three Major Types of Mobile Analytics

The key to effective mobile analytics has often proven elusive compared with traditional website analytics on other platforms. Thanks to Marketing, In-app and Performance analytics, it is now possible to track useful metadata to optimise your understanding of client behaviour. See your app from the point of view of your clients and predict and guide their next click!


9. Don’t Overthink Semantic Mark-up – Five Basic Types to Adopt First

Want to stand out from the crowd? Follow David Waterman’s guide to the five types of semantic mark-up which can enhance your CTR. Realise Google’s potential by applying personalised pictures, videos, social media and product-specific information to make your ordinary SERP extraordinary.


10. 15 Great Citation Resources for Local Search

Despite a fall in traffic in the last year, the top 40 directories continue to attract over 100 million visitors per month. In the face of such a valuable asset, CEO Myles Anderson asks “how do I win the citation game?” This article unravels the complexities of tracking and optimising citations through a variety of free and paid subscription tools online, to not only improve the quality and quantity of your citations but also the richness and accuracy of their content.


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