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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 27th February 2017

Nowadays there is so much information, data and technology available that SEO is a more powerful strategy than ever. Are you and your brand using it properly? Find out in Relevance’s latest summary of Moz’s top 10.

1. Seven steps to data heaven

This insightful how-to guide tells you everything you need to know about uncovering hidden keyword-level data using Google sheets. Super useful information for anyone in the SEO world.

2. Google vs the pop up: what happened?

When Google announced they’d be cracking down on pop-ups the web rejoiced. But now that the update has been live for a month, has anything really changed? Glenn Gabe investigates.

3. Google goes beyond recommendations

The search giant has been suggesting everything from shops to restaurants and even hairdressers for a long time now but they plan on taking things a step further by checking whether people actually visit. What will that mean for you?

4. Visualizing data just got easier

Google data studio just got a new connector that means you can report your search data alongside other data sources. See what this new tool in your SEO arsenal can do for your business.

5. Subfolders, subdomains, microsites and everything in-between

This useful article by Eric Enge tells you everything you need to know about structuring your site for SEO from where to put your content to when to use subfolders. Whether you’re an SEO newbie or a seasoned pro, this is for you.

6. Life in the chatbot age

There’s a new medium in town and it’s more interactive than ever. When other channels are delivering diminishing returns, chatbots might well be the future when it comes to reaching your customers. Read on to see how you can use them.

7. Google changes up multivariate testing

Google Optimize is in beta and thanks to its capability of testing with Analytics, it’s set to make your job a million times easier. This fascinating article looks at what it promises and what it actually delivers.

8. Goodbye online privacy

There was a blow for those of us who want to keep our online activity private when researchers developed a technique for websites to track visitors even when they use different browsers. Find out what it means for you.

9. Pinterest’s keywords drop off

SEO has always been a cornerstone of Pinterest’s growth strategy but just as week after we released an article lauding the work of growth product lead Casey Winters, the site’s visibility fell away. Learn why and whether your brand is at risk in this insightful article.

10. Recycle your emails to make effective marketing content

We’re all busier than ever so it isn’t always easy to find time to write new content for your brand. Andy Crestodina comes to the rescue with a gem of a time-saving idea and explains how to turn your emails into content. We owe him.

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