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SEO Top 10 Relevance – 11th August 2017

The world of search never stops changing and this week was no exception. Luckily the Relevance countdown of Moz’s top 10 is here to keep you up to date.
This week we cover everything from Google’s big changes to why you should still use newsjacking. Enjoy.
1. Is Google adding ‘News Feed’ to its home page?

There are rumours that the search behemoth is about to dramatically change the way we search by introducing a Facebook-esque news feed to its home page and app. This would create a much more personalized experience for all of us and the behaviour of our audience. Read on to learn more.

2. How newsjacking could boost your brand’s traffic

The aim of newsjacking is to jump in as a new story starts to gain traction and momentum online. If you play your cards right by being prepared beforehand you can make the most of the attention and use it to your advantage. Danny Lynch explains how.

3. How to properly analyse position in Google’s search console

Everyone from clients to conference presenters are using Google Search Console’s position wrong. But don’t panic if you’re worried that you are too – it’s an easy mistake to make and this insightful article will show you how to read it like a pro.

4. What does your website say about your site security?

It’s a question you probably haven’t ever asked yourself but websites that are yet to move to HTTPS sends a negative signal to safety conscious visitors. Troy Hunter explains how life for those who have yet to migrate is about to get a lot harder.

5. Why Net Neutrality matters

For those that don’t know, net neutrality is the simple belief that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites. The guys at Moz are big believers in it and outline their reasoning in this simple blog post. A must read.

6. Goodbye to Google ads in pop-unders

Pop-unders, those annoying ads that appear under a browser window, do not benefit anyone. Put simply, users hate them and look unfavourably upon the brands that advertise in them. Which is why Google is no longer showing ads in pop-unders. Make sure you read their reasoning before you celebrate.

7. Improve your crawl budget to boost your rankings

Top technical SEO exec, Dawn Anderson, has put together a fascinating podcast to explain how brands can conserve their crawl budget and enhance their rise in the SERPs. Dawn claims you’ll learn at least one mind blowing concept about SEO. We think you’ll pick up much more.

8. Whiteboard Friday: Understanding the rel=canonical tag

SEO search master Rand Fishkin is back with another enlightening Whiteboard Friday to answer any question you may have about the ‘rel=canonical’ tag. When to use the tag, how to use it, and everything in between.

9. How to harness the audience of others

Using easy to understand diagrams and tons of info, the clever clogs over at Stone temple have put together a post all about leveraging the audience of your competitors. Read on and learn how to build your own army of ambassadors in no time.

10. The power of educational content

New research by conductor has shown that people are 131% more likely to purchase if they see some educational content. With numbers like that, why wouldn’t you keep reading to find out how?

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