Relevance Summarises The SEO Moz Top 10 Blog Picks For July 2013

MOZ-LogoMoz (formerly SEO Moz) has picked out their 10 favourite blogs for July and they are certainly worth a read. Here is our summary, as well as links to the full articles. Below you will find out more about Google ranking, quality link building, the importance of email marketing, reading your site data properly and maximising your keyword spread. Also, learn about the importance of creating quality content and making sure social profiles are taking advantage of all the recent re-designs.

A brief summary of the best industry relevant blog picks by SEO Moz

Moz Kicks off the top ten with a conversation between Eric Enge and Matt Cutts from Google about link building. Matt says there is nothing wrong with link building, businesses need to be doing it, but there is a right and a wrong way to build links. Matt says that Google have found links to be one of the best ways to measure how important someone is to somebody else on the web. Matt also tells Eric what Google might be tracking in the future to assess page ranking.  

Matt Peters from Moz gives us the key points from Moz’s 2013 ranking factors study he presented at Mozcon 2013. His post is a concise overview of the results and a must read for businesses trying to make sense out of how Google is currently assessing pages on the web. He says it will be increasingly important to focus on building up your reputation with a community of followers, who not only consume but respond to your content. Ideally these responses will provide those links back to your site that Google are relying on more as a page ranking factor. Matt says there is no precise science in understanding what Google use to rank, but that if you focus on certain behaviour it will most likely reap positive dividends.  

For the Sales Force Blog Amanda Nelson shares 25 statistics about email and your marketing efforts sourced from a recent study. Subject line and length feature highly in these findings, so think carefully about these before you hit send! With the right subject 64% of people will open your mail. Unsurprisingly we hear that marketing and email still work well together, with 77% of people happy to receive one. Amanda cautions on businesses to ignore mobile at their peril, as this study says 64% of decision makers check email on their mobile.

In this very detailed post Avinash Kaushink of Google tells businesses how to listen to their community properly and find out exactly what people are consuming of what you are creating on your site. He says your analytics tool might be missing a lot, and with the right method you will see how powerful it is when you see the full picture. Once you can understand what is going on page by page, you will know how to target your audience with relevant, focused and quality content.

How do you quantify the invisible social audience? The following study has set out to explain why this is so hard. Michael Bernstein of Stanford and some of the Facebook data science team show that it can be very difficult to measure who is looking at your posts on Facebook, they also highlight that we tend to underestimate how many times our posts have been viewed.

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The Search Marketing Review 2013 is recommended reading for any business trying to understand the value of search marketing. This study is measuring a pool of respondent’s answers, asking questions such as how do they value search marketing? Do they use an external agency? How do they feel about the agencies that provide this service for them? How do they feel about SEO in general and how do they feel about Google and the recent changes including the Penguin 2.0 Algorithm update.

In advanced SEO for Ecommerce, SEO Nick talks about maximising your keyword spread. He gives tips about keyword positioning on pages for your business. Nick says to make sure the content you are creating is useful and appropriate for the customer. Quality content will then naturally lead the customer to the appropriate information that is relevant to them and increase the chance of enquires and sales.

From the Content Marketing Institute blog Anna Ritchie explains 3 important points about content from the consumer POV research. She flags the importance of mobile and says marketers are still underestimating the degree of activity on this platform. Anna says content should be both relevant and credible, don’t be afraid to provide links to other sources, this will not lose you potential sales and in fact can do quite the opposite, it will increase consumer trust in your business.

In SEO by the Sea, Bill Slawski gives us a peek at the potentially interesting future of “parameterless searching”, these are search requests provided within certain contexts, these contexts could be your location, the weather conditions or nearby businesses. He states that this system “can learn about different categories of information that you might be interested in based on contexts”.

From the social media Examiner Eric Siu gives 5 tips to bring life to your social profile, he provides information on how to take advantage of the recent Google + social profiles re-design, and did you know you can add media to your LinkedIn profile? Plenty of people seem to still be unaware of the existence of Twitter headers. Read about why it matters that you upgrade to the latest Pinterest re-design. Have you heard of Vine? Well this post tells you why you need to start integrating Vine videos in to your social media. 6 seconds of video can be all it takes sometimes to make an impact.

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