Moz Top 10 – December

 Here at Relevance we are always interested in the most recent SEO trends. In the latest top 10 news in Moz round-up, you can read on how Obama’s campaign broke every online fundraising record, find out about Bing’s latest releases and many more.

1. The Future of Search: Marcus Tandler at TEDxMünchen

Marcus Tandler, a speaker at TEDxMunchen, delivers a fresh perspective of the future of search engines. Search expectations constantly change, and search engines are forced to change with them. Today it has become crucial for search engines to understand rather than to merely index as our search is “recency-sensitive” and replete with questions. Tandler predicts that search of the future will be moving from a web search to a contextual search to accommodate our ever-rising search expectations.

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2. Google Intros the Mother of All SMB Review Monitoring Systems

Google’s Places Dashboard has long offered little reason for a regular visit, with analytics often being a sole reason for a dashboard visit at all. However, this situation is bound to change with Google’s introduction of what many label as “the mother of all review monitoring systems.” SMBs, and particularly SEO companies, would now be able to profit from review analytic reports based on every review that Google traced for their company across thousands of review websites.

3. Kyle Rush Reveals how the Obama Campaign Broke Every Online Fundraising Record

One of the most prominent speakers of the MozCon 2013, Kyle Rush, gave an insight into an extremely successful fundraising Obama campaign, where he worked as a deputy director of the front-end web development. His experience at the campaign taught him that successful optimisation goes hand in hand with experimentation, observation, and data-gathering. Fast-performing pages with relatable images and carefully worded phrases can turn a challenging campaign into a successful one.

4. Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More than Once on Social Media

Though counterintuitive, reposting your blog on social media may be surprisingly beneficial. As reposting experiments show, not only do you give a boost to your traffic, but also target followers in different time zones and reach recent followers, who did not yet see the earlier post. If you decide to give reposting a go, be well aware to reframe your content so as to avoid repetition and give yourself a chance to test different headlines in real-time.

5. The Average Web Page has Grown 151% in Just Three Years

It turns out that an average web page size has been gradually increasing over the last few years and this trend does not seem to be slowing down. This is not good news since the global average connection does not increase fast enough to accommodate the heave web pages. Another trend, worthy noting if you are a web page developer or an SEO services provider, is that flash is becoming obsolete with Apple having no plans to ever support it.

6. Bing Announces Connected Pages to Claim Pages Beyond Your Website

Bing Webmaster has released a new feature – the Connected Pages. This feature will allow you to connect your social pages to your account and access all related data. As soon as you connect, all data should populate within 72 hours and will allow you to select date ranges and analyse information within your normal data areas. Also, this feature will always be connected once activated.

7. Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results

A new study made, shows that Google+ can impact search results in several ways. The most direct way is with personalization, which can influence how your posts are ranked within your Google+ community. This is a great opportunity for SEO services to increase exposure to their target audiences. However, looking at non-personalized results, the study can’t prove that Google+ is currently impacting them.  

8. 17 Ancient Abandoned Websites That Still Work

Although the age when we used to dial-up is over these vintage websites still work. Have a look at their old-fashioned graphics, busy backgrounds and old school themes.

9. Get Your Author Rank

Find out what your Google+ AuthorRank is! Virante, the SEO company behind AuthorRank, stresses the fact that there is no evidence that Google is currently using it to influence search results.  Virante also mentions that in order to increase your rankings the secret lies in quality writing on quality sites.

10. 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

How well do you think you know your social media audience? These statistics show interesting facts, such as demographics of social media users, mobile devices % increase in accessing social media and, last but not least, which is the fastest growing social media network. After reading these social media statistics you may have to re-think your social media strategy.

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