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Relevance Website Development Team berths Partnerships Project

Part of a trilogy of website design and development wins, Relevance today claims the new Partnerships website for leading yacht broker Kent Chamberlain. Relevance will migrate the existing flash website for Partnerships, and create a new custom designed website for this Florida yacht management company.

After having created the websites for Chamberlain Yachts and Certified Yachts brands, owned by the same group, Relevance was chosen to create the new Partnerships website. Relevance has 12 years’ experience working as a yacht marketing company. Yacht Brokers, crew agencies, shipyards, charter companies as well as individual motor and sailing yachts have asked Relevance for yachting websites, and yacht marketing thanks to their experience in the industry and more importantly results.

Kent Chamberlain has said in the past:

“I hired Relevance Marketing to redo our website for both aesthetic and functional reasons, as well as to improve our SEO functionality. He came highly recommended from a couple of friendly competitors who had worked with him previously. Not only was the outcome excellent, but working with him has been a joy. Rumble is highly effective, knowledgeable, extremely responsible (seems to work 24/7), and endlessly patient. I highly recommend him for any related services!”

Relevance is a full-service digital marketing company offering website design, website development, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and PR. We entered into yachting ten years ago when we started working with Blue Water Yachting. This lead to Relevance becoming digital marketing partner with Fraser (Fraser Yachts at the time) the leading yacht broker in the world for superyachts. Since we have built up our yacht marketing service and have created a sub-brand Relevance Yacht (

Relevance has built 20+ custom design yachting websites – please look at our portfolio here. We also have 12 year’s experience running SEO, optimising Google Advertising campaigns, integrating social media strategy, creating yachting-specific content, and have a great list of 250+yachting and luxury lifestyle publications.

If you are in yachting and are looking for any digital marketing service, contact us and we can run through options.

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