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This month Relevance Web Marketing have been working on a number of projects within our mobile website division.  With the number of smartphone and tablet users ever increasing, our clients know that to stay in keeping and sometimes even ahead of competition, they need to be utilizing all current methods of online marketing including mobile websites.

Consumers these days rarely leave home without their phones, and now with the world virtually at your fingertips 24 hours a day, companies need to adapt to be able to be accessible to their market 24 hours a day also. Relevance web Marketing is able to provide websites compatible with iphones, ipod touch’s, ipads, Androids and most other smartphones and tablets. Mobile websites created will feature fast load times, rich and advanced ergonomics, system geolocation, video and photo options, and the ability to post comments on the application, whilst being in keeping with the company/brand design and style.  Heli_Mobile_Website

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are effectively taking over the marketing industry, and the majority of consumers currently access their social media accounts via their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, with a mobile website any links or interaction regarding your company or brand via a social network can be linked straight to your mobile website.

Yacht_Mobile_WebsiteOne aspect that companies are afraid of when looking at mobile websites is the mobile site cost. We here at Relevance Web Marketing believe in quality value web marketing. The mobile site price includes site creation and development and general maintenance. We pride ourselves on reduced development times, our creative design and focus, and our client relationship management.

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