Relevance Web Marketing Climbs Ibiza Property Ladder

Relevance is pleased to announce that our business development team has signed a contract with the leading luxury villa rental agency in Ibiza and Sri Lanka – Dynamic Lives.

Relevance Web has reaffirmed its position as a leader in luxury digital PR industry with the addition of a new real estate client

Dynamic Lives picked Relevance Web Marketing as their online digital marketing consultants due to Relevance being a SEO company with many years of experience in the Ibiza property market and real estate SEO. Relevance has already carried out digital promotion of one of the leading villa holiday companies in Ibiza and achieved top results for the client.

Dynamic Lives is a reputed luxury travel specialist, offering tailor-made luxury holidays in Ibiza, Sri Lanka and the Alps. With more than 10 years of experience organising exclusive villa holidays for high-end clients, Dynamic Lives is one of the most prominent players in the luxury real estate markets of Ibiza and Sri Lanka. Dynamic Lives’ exceptional concierge service and a vast selection of prestige properties, each of which is personally checked by the agency to make sure it meets their standards, is what sets the company apart from the competition.

Account director Tim Beecroft and account manager Kate Snesaereva are looking forward to working with Dynamic Lives to provide high quality digital marketing support, website optimisation and to increase the company’s ROI on rentals in Ibiza and Sri Lanka.

“We are looking forward to working with such an experienced villa rental agency in a highly competitive market. We are excited to use our cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to increase the agency’s ROI,” says Tim Beecroft.

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