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Relevance Web Marketing at the Marketing Roadshow


Rumble Romagnoli, Sales Director at Relevance Web Marketing, was happy to join the expert panel on online marketing at the Marketing Roadshow organised by the Riviera Business Club last Thursday.

This French marketing evening was organised by Ab Kuijer, president of the Riviera Business Club and also Fr2day, and also included online experts Lao-Watson Smith, Tom Virden, Martino Matijevic and Mike Hardaker who created Anglo Info. The marketing event, which was organised at the Valbonne Media Garden Hotel, on the Cote D’Azur, was entitled 2 Million and Counting, and aimed at answering local businesses’ questions about how to build traffic to their websites – and then make the most of those extra visitors.

Key areas included understanding search engines (in order to optimise the site for them), understanding site navigation (so visitors can get around) and – most important of all – understanding the needs and wants of the visitors themselves (actual and potential customers…) to make sure they really get what they want out of their visit.

Rumble Romagnoli was the expert on SEO, Lao-Watson Smith usability, Tom Virden PPC, Martino Matijevic conformity, and Mike Hardaker honesty. Rumble Romagnoli started his workshop answering questions from local business people about on-page SEO, and domain name purchases, but stressed the importance of keyword research and planning for any new website.

Then the workshop continued to talking about search engine marketing secrets, the new Panda Farmer Update algorithm change from Google, and then the importance of Google Analytics. If you are interested in business and marketing on the French Riviera, sign up for membership of the Riviera Business Club at 

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